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Daughter of Blues Legend Muddy Waters Rips “Antisemite” Linda Sarsour

Mercy Morganfield is the daughter of famous American blues singer-songwriter Muddy Waters. But her new claim to fame may be something else entirely, after this epic post ripping Linda Sarsour for her Jew hatred.

When (Thanks to Linda Sarsour) We Confuse Being Progressive With Being an Antisemite

Whoever marches behind Linda Sarsour is not progressive but an antisemite behind the sugar-coated term "progressive."

Linda Sarsour’s Monumental Christmas Screw-up

In a Merry Christmas message on Facebook to her followers, Israel-hater Linda Sarsour seems to have messed up. Big time.

On Linda Sarsour, Islamic Missionary, and Jewish Fundraisers: The Whole Story

When you raise 10 dollars for a cause, the 10 dollars should go to that cause, you should not keep 4 dollars for yourself,...

When Linda Sarsour Kicked Me Out Of An Event, And I Went Silent

Virag recounts being booted from Linda Sarsour event

Linda Sarsour’s Hypocrisy on Full Display

You can add hypocrite to the list of adjectives to already describe her (if you hadn't already).

My Nation of Islam Security Detail Said That I’m Not a Bigot, by Linda...

But you know what? I am not a bigot! And you know who has my back on this? The Nation of Islam Security Team that we hired for the Women's March!

Linda Sarsour Slammed as “Muslim Brotherhood” Ally by Al Arabiya

I don't normally link approvingly to Al Arabiya, but when I do, you can bet it's for good reason.

This Hanukkah, I’m Gonna Gaslight You for 8 Days! By Linda Sarsour

Some Hanukkah satire from the Daily Freier

WATCH: Linda Sarsour’s Antisemitism Problem

Is Linda Sarsour an antisemite? I believe so, and the proof can be found in her own words.
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