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Antisemite Linda Sarsour Falsely Implies Israel Banned Tlaib and Omar Because They Are Muslim

Linda Sarsour is yet again trying to exploit the situation to stoke the flames of hatred by claiming our decision was motivated by anti-Muslim/palestinian bigotry

If Linda Sarsour Was An AP Caption Writer

Because apparently history is just there to be rewritten

If Linda Sarsour Was An AP Caption Writer

I could not resist

Linda Sarsour’s “Jesus” Partner Edited a Book on “Deliverance” for Homosexuals

A different angle on the Sarsour's latest "Jesus was palestinian" tweet

Linda Sarsour’s Telling Reaction to New Congressional Black-Jewish Caucus

The Gaslighter-in-Chief has launched into a tweet and retweet storm following the announcement

A Tweet That Has Not Aged Well for “Anti-Zionist-Not-Antisemite” Linda Sarsour

Not a good look, especially for someone who claims she is not a Jew hater. 

Linda Sarsour Shamelessly Lies About Gaza Violence

Israel hater Linda Sarsour has weighed in on the rocket fire from Gaza into Israel with a lie-riddled Facebook post

WATCH: Linda Sarsour At Her Disingenuous Best

At a talk at Hillsborough on March 31st, 2019, Linda Sarsour made a number of disingenuous comments, which I have highlighted for you in this video.

Linda Sarsour’s Twin Obsessions: Jews and “Palestinian” Ice Cream

Another day, another post by Linda Sarsour obsessing about "Zionists"

Linda Sarsour’s Latest “Own Goal”

Linda Sarsour has posted the following on her Facebook wall - a rap song by Israeli-Arab Tamer Nafar, an Israel hater who self-identifies as "palestinian" and has a penchant for blaming everything on Israel

Linda Sarsour Finally Objects To “Bigoted” Comments By Politician on a Committee

Linda Sarsour has attacked a US politician for making statements she feels show "outrageous and unacceptable" levels of bigotry, and is asking her followers to demand an apology and remove this person from the committee they are on.

Linda Sarsour Rails Against Planned House Resolution Condemning Antisemitism

Leading House Democrats announced they will offer a resolution tomorrow condemning antisemitism in response to Rep. Ilhan Omar’s latest remarks on Israel, pissing off a number of people, including Linda Sarsour

The Washington Post Provides Platform For More Linda Sarsour Lies and Victimhood

The Washington Post has run an interview with Linda Sarsour, and by interview I really mean propaganda piece to turn this hateful person into a victim.


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