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Irish Journalist Wears Kippah For A Day In Malmo, Sweden

Antisemitic hilarity ensues

Finding Malmo

Yesterday, I ripped Momo a new one. Today, it's Malmo's turn. Jewish residents in Malmo are furious after the Swedish town's mayor, Ilmar Reepalu, equated Zionism...

Libel: The Case of The Strangled Palestinian Child

On Twitter, a hater by the name of Waqar Attari makes a huge claim...and he's got the video to prove it! Or does he?

Swedish FM Margot Wallström Disgraces Herself in New Interview

If this is how she speaks to a Jewish newspaper, once can only imagine what she tells the Muslim world, or even her confidantes behind closed doors.

The Incredible Ineptitude Of The Swedish Police

They seem to have difficulty with obvious things in Sweden.

Sweden, Not So Good For The Jews?

A Journalist put on a kippa and walked around the Swedish town of Malmo, it went downhill from there.

Swedes Continue To Bear Their Anti-Israel Fangs

Israel's ambassador in Stockholm has drawn Swedish ire

Making Eurovision Look Good

It takes a lot to make the music at the Eurovision song contest look good, but these anti-Israel protesters in Malmo Sweden have done just that

Separated at Birth: Swedish Meatball Edition

Mayor of Malmo and all-round Swedish meathead Ilmar Reepalu, and Swedish meatball lover the Swedish Chef.

Rage Against the Swedes

The Swedish city of Malmo has seen a sudden influx of Muslim immigrants. And watch out - they are angry. Oh-oh. Swedish authorities in the southern...


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