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When Chelsea Met Shimon

Chelsea Handler meets former Israeli president and social media darling Shimon Peres

When Paula Met Peres

Singer Paul Abdul is here in Israel as a guest of the Tourism Ministry

Shimon Peres On The View

Israeli President Shimon Peres has appeared on US talk show The View (believe it or not).

The Day In Israel: Wed Oct 21st, 2009

During a conference call with American "rabbis" this week, Richard Goldstone showed just how unbiased and impartial he really is. "As far as the Israeli...

WATCH: Naomi Campbell In Israel

The tall and the short of it

Supermodel Naomi Campbell “Loves The Energy” In Israel

Another high profile visitor

Israel: From Goldstone To Old Stone

Israel, land of amazing discoveries
photo Prince Denmark and President Israel, image royal viisit to Israel

The Prince and the President

Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark meets Israeli President Shimon Peres in Jerusalem

Photo Of The Day

Shimon Peres is given a frosty reception

Photo Of The Day

Hip hop mogul Russell Simmons uses his kissing skills

Statue-tory Rape

Israeli President Shimon Peres has shown he can be a stone cold hard-ass when required

Quote Of The Day

Shimon Peres to a group of Hollywood folk

Photo Of The Day

The new Benetton Unhate Foundation campaign includes the following image


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