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The Batman’s Female Dinner Guest And The Art of Fuzzy Oblivion

I have heard of getting billed but this is ridiculous

He’s The Batman

He being Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat, who today was personally involved in taking down a terrorist

Batman: The Dark Knight Rises…To Take a Photo With the New US Embassy Street...

The mayor of Jerusalem, Nir Barkat, aka The Batman, posted this today

BDS Holes vs Batman vs Superman vs Common Sense

Lebanese BDS-holes are on the warpath - against the new Batman vs Superman movie

Batman Shouted Down By San Francisco State University Students

Freedom of speech is just another of the rights the Israel haters want to deprive us of.

Batman V: The Dark Knight Revives

Jerusalem Mayor continues to righteously kick your mayors' butts. All of them.

Batman IV: The Truth About RONI

I have no idea where you live or who your mayor is. But I am sure Jerusalem mayor Nir Barkat kicks his butt

Batman III: A Dark Night

Our mayor kicks your mayor's ass.

Batman Returns

Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat does it again

Two Visitors To The Holy Land Meet Batman

Would it hurt them to smile in the presence of such greatness?
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