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UNRWA Tweets in Support of Infamous PFLP Terrorist; Blames It on “Unauthorized Access” to...

UNRWA continues to show just how in bed with the terrorists they are.

UNRWA’s Lame (And Telling) Response to Discovery of New Terror Tunnel

Some things that struck me about their press release

UNRWA’s Terror Tunnel Condemnation Rings Hollow

Don't be impressed by UNRWA's condemnation

UNRWA’s Latest Complicity With Terrorists: Booby-Trapped Health Clinic

UNRWA's complicity with terrorists leads to the deaths of 3 of our soldiers

The Answer To My Question: UNRWA Supplies Weapons To Hamas Terrorists

Throw @ChrisGunness out of Israel and begin closing @UNRWA down.

UNRWA Complicity in Terror

IDF cameras have caught PLO Arab terrorists doing the inconceivable - loading what appears to be a Kassam rocket into a UN ambulance. As...

Linda Sarsour Fundraising for Terror-Linked Organization

Linda Sarsour is helping fundraise for an organization called Baitulmaal USA, supposedly for their "COVID-19 Emergency Fund and their support of the people of Gaza"

Batman Goes After UNRWA

Could we be witnessing the future Prime Minister of Israel?

UNRWA Officials Accused of “Sexual Misconduct” and Other Bad Stuff

An internal ethics report has alleged mismanagement and abuses of authority at the highest levels of the UN agency for "palestinian refugees"

Priceless! UNRWA Officials Evacuated to Israel Following Threats From Enraged Gazan Staff

Despite working 24/7 towards our destruction, guess who UNRWA turned to in order to save their tuchuses from the people they are supposedly helping?

WATCH: They Love Child Murdering Women Terrorists

The terrorist woman she’s talking about is probably one of most admired women in Palestinian society today

UNRWA Caught With Their Lying Pants On Fire Again

UNRWA's Israel bashing tweet gets demolished in the best possible way.

A Suggestion For The Media, Chris Gunness And UNRWA

Shouldn’t the press be visiting some UNRWA schools today to see how they’re talking about yesterday’s terrorist attacks?


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