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Zipper Boy VI: The Release

After finally prying himself loose, zipper boy showed his obvious relief, although being super careful not to mishandle the delicate contents of his hand. Previous...

Zipper Boy V: The Next Generation

Your'e never too young to get it caught (hat tip: Snapped Shot) Previous instalments: The First Annual Muslim Protest Awards The Return of Zipper Boy Zipper Boy III:...

Lesser Known Facts About Zipper Boy

Following this week's interview with Shakeel Bhat, otherwise known as Zipper Boy/Purple Helmet Guy, I thought it would be a good opportunity to reveal...

Zipper Boy IV: Caught Again

You think he would have learned by now. Previous instalments here and here. Update: Still on the subject of Kashmir protests, someone has quite strong musical...

Zipper Boy III: The Wrath of Khan

Everyone's favorite protester is back! You guessed it....it's Zipper Boy (otherwise known as Purple Helmet Guy). Tip of the Hat to Jihad Watch, which refers to...

The Return of Zipper Boy

You may recall the winner of the Most Likely to Have Caught His Privates in His Zipper Award in the First Annual Muslim Protest...

Batsh*t Crazy Conspiracy Theory: ‘Islamic Rage Boy’ Really a Rabbi/Mossad Agent

Remember the Muslim protester known as Islamic Rage Boy? Antisemites have claimed he is really a Rabbi/Mossad agent.

Bhat Crazy

AFP has tracked down Zipper Boy aka Purple Helmet Guy aka Islamic Rage Boy. Needless to say, he's one pissed off puppy.He has become the...

Photoshop of the Day

Found this in the comments to the Snapped Shot post on Islamic Rage Boy Zipper Boy/Purple Helmet Guy.  


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