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Ding Dong, the Witch (Haneen Zoabi) is Not Returning to the Knesset?

Is this the end of the line for treacherous Israeli-Arab MK Haneen Zoabi?

Did Israeli-Arab MK Haneen Zoabi Attempt to Assault US Vice President Mike Pence?

The answer seems to be yes if the following photos, published by the Australian Jewish Association, are to be believed

Haneen Zoabi’s Startling Admission

What seems to be a starting admission by Israel-hating Israeli Arab MK Haneen Zoabi

WATCH Sarah Zoabi: Wake Up!

Sarah Zoabi's moment of truth at the Knesset.

WATCH: Sarah Zoabi, Mother of Muhammad, On Master Chef: I Am A Proud Zionist

Muhammad's mother shows the apple does not fall far from the tree

Muhammad Zoabi Forgave Bibi Habibi In Person

"Bibi Hbibi, every person, with little thinking can understand what you meant..."

Joe’s World: Haneen Zoabi’s Election Selfie

Nothing says 'apartheid' quite like equal citizenship

Muhammad Zoabi: Zionism Is Not A Dirty Word

This young man is quite simply a national treasure

Mohammad Zoabi Breaks His Silence

Mohammad Zoabi has posted his first message since being forced to leave Israel

The Reappearance Of Mohammad Zoabi

The last we heard from Arab-Israeli Zionist Mohammad Zoabi, he had left Israel, following threats to his life

Mohammad Zoabi Rips Hanin Zoabi

Future Israeli Prime Minister Mohammed Zoabi rips his traiterous relative Hanin Zoabi a new one


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