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A lawyer by education, David Lange - founder and managing editor of Israellycool - found his calling in advocating for Israel and the Jewish people. He is available for public speaking engagements.

Meal-Ordering Platform Provider Ritual Technologies Severs Ties With Foodbenders

Ritual Technologies is a meal ordering platform provider that provide restaurants with a way to enable their customers to order contactless pickup or delivery directly on their websites. What they refuse to enable is antisemitism.

Uber Eats to Foodbenders: Bye Felicia

Following a B’nai Brith Canada led campaign that included encouraging people to contact Uber Eats and request they cease delivering Foodbenders products until the company renounced antisemitism and apologized for its conduct, I am happy to report that Uber has responded - by terminating their agreement with the restaurant.

An Israeli Hero The Mainstream Media Has So Far Ignored

While the haters in the world are unbelievably trying to portray us as White supremacists, this next story does not seem to have made it past the Israeli and Jewish press

Not Many Can Hold a Candle to IfNotNow’s Ignorance of Judaism

IfNotNow would like everyone to believe they are proud Jews. Which is why they constantly co-opt Jewish religious practices and festivals to further their agenda. Except they are doing it all wrong.

WATCH: Antisemitic Thug Najam Dar Threatens Pro-Israel Woman

Remember Najam Dar, the antisemitic brother of the owner of the pet store who shamed online a customer as "racist", just because she supported Israel and opposed terrorism? You won't be surprised to learn he is a thug who verbally abused a female Israel supporter, even threatening her. And I have the receipts.

Diddy and Others Promote Louis Farrakhan’s Latest Antisemitic Address

Last week, Fox TV’s Black-oriented streaming service, Fox Soul, canceled a Fourth of July program featuring avowed Jew-hater Louis Farrakhan after their plans for a live broadcast of Farrakhan’s speech titled “Message to America” got slammed. But not to worry. Diddy to the rescue!

Gazans Throw Social Distancing into the Sea

This is what is happening in "concentration camp" Gaza

Universal Music Group Opens Standalone Office in Israel

Rolling Stone finally with something worth blogging for the right reasons

Singer Zara Larsson Virtue Signals With More Anti-Israel Propaganda

Singer Zara Larsson tweets propaganda to her almost 9 million followers on social media

WATCH: Demystifying the Word “Zionism”

What does the word actually mean? And why are "anti-Zionists" invariably antisemites?

UN Suspends Two Employees in Israel After Nookiegate

Two employees of the United Nations mission in Israel have been suspended without pay after a viral video featured a sex act in their official vehicle, as it drove down a major street in Tel Aviv

Toronto Restaurant Foodbenders: “Zionists not Welcome”

Foodbenders is a Toronto-based food company offering take-out meals, catering services and wholesale supply of healthy prepared foods. It boasts it is "fast becoming Toronto's favourite choice for healthy and fresh on-the-go eats."

WATCH: A Jew and a Muslim Walk Into a Zoom Call

What do you think - can we help bring peace?!


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