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An Aussie immigrant to Israel, Aussie Dave is founder and managing editor of Israellycool. He is a happy family man, and a lover of steak, Australian sports and single malt whisky.

Canadian High School Project Promotes Antisemitic Blood Libel

Stephen Lewis Secondary School in Ontario, Canada has allowed students to display a vile banner promoting a debunked antisemitic blood libel

‘Bibi Congratulater’ Jack Morewood Hit Backs at Exeter Student Guild

University of Exeter Student and Student Guild candidate Jack Morewood - who was treated horrendously by the NUS and University of Exeter Student Guild for the "crime" of congratulating Israeli PM on his election victory - has hit back

About THOSE 911 Comments of Ilhan Omar

My thoughts on Rep. Ilhan Omar's 911 comments, as tweeted by US President Donald Trump

Batsh*t Crazy Conspiracy Theory of the Day: A Khomeinist Disabled Beresheet With a Laser...

Remember how so many Israel haters claimed Israel was trying to occupy the moon?Another contender for Most Batshit Crazy Reaction to Israel's Failed Moon Landing Attempt has emerged.

University of Exeter Student Guild’s Morally Bankrupt Statement on Jack Morewood

The University of Exeter Student Guild has come out with a statement on their candidate Jack Morewood congratulating Israeli PM Binyamin Netanyahu

WATCH: Tuvia Tenenbom Encounters Northern Irish Anti-Zionists-Not-Antisemites

In episode 5 of his German show Tuvia bei den Briten (Tuvia with the British), Tuvia went to Northern Ireland to uncover the truth about support for the Palestinian cause in certain parts of the community

Comedian Bill Burr Rips “Lunatic” Roger Waters

Comedian Bill Burr tell's Israel's Walla exactly what he thinks of Roger Waters

How Wikihow Should Illustrate Their Ramadan Entry

Yesterday, I posted about Wikihow's weird-ass illustration for their entry on Passover. Based on this, I thought I'd give them some input on improving their Ramadan entry.

Beresheet’s Last Image Shows It Did Not Fail

Yes, we did not actually land as we would have liked (euphemism for crashed), but Israel’s Beresheet did manage to take this amazing photo of the moon right before impact

Wikihow To Have Us Saying ‘WTF’?

Here is how wikiHow felt it best to illustrate shopping for Passover and Seder

Australian MP Melissa Parke Quits After Her ‘Blood Libel’ Comments Come to Light

Following my previous post about the anti-Israel propaganda being spread by my alma mater, comes news of more anti-Israel propaganda from my home city

Where My Alma Mater UWA Offers a Course Containing Anti-Israel Indoctrination

A blatant display of anti-Israel bias at my alma mater of all places

BDS South Africa Slammed For Their Handling of Muhammed Desai Sexual Harassment Allegations

South African BDS-holes continue to turn on their own, expressing a real unhappiness with how BDS South Africa is handling the sexual harassment allegations against its director Muhammad Desai.


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