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I'm a Canadian Israeli, Aliyah Class of '10. You may know me as tweeter @notantisemitic but here I'll tickle your Zionist bone in other ways.

Roger Waters Will Not Have Any Of Your “Bridges”

I guess Roger Waters didn't like the "most liked" comment on his Scarlett Johansson post

Good Life Club EP

Israellycool contributor Deebo wants you to buy his music. Or at least listen to it for free. But mostly buy it.

Roger Waters Pens Scarlett Letter

He's trying to persuade Scarlett Johansson - with lies - to share his hatred of Israel

Watching BDS Fail Has Never Been So Sexy

SodaStream would like to extend a warm thank you to BDS for the free publicity.

Israel’s Nobel Prize Winners vs. The Other Guys

Here's a quick little graphic for your reference. Pro tip: You can't BDS chemistry!

Thank You Arab MK Hecklers

For giving instant validation to what Canadian PM Stephen Harper JUST said.

Canadian PM Stephen Harper Is Coming To Israel Tomorrow

And we just have one simple thing to ask from him.

Who Has More Paparazzi? Hollywood or Pallywood?

Pallywood loves the camera.


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An Expert’s Opinion On The American TSA

Former security head of Ben Gurion Airport tells the TSA why they suck. Here's why that's awesome.

You Try To Scream..

As Gaza flood waters rise and electricity is scarce, there's only one thing left to do. Dance.

Freein’ Them Prisoners

Poster #3: Those Palestinian prisoners did nothing to deserve this treatment since that large explosion that killed several civilians.

Launchin’ Them Qassams

Everything you actually know about Qassam Rockets but chose to ignore.

Deebo (aka AntiIsrael Douchebag)

Say hello to Deebo. Or he'll steal your bike.


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