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Elder of Ziyon may or may not be a real person. He (or she, or it) blogs at http://elderofziyon.blogspot.com/

Saudi King Talks Peace, Presents Sword to Pope

One year ago, Pope Benedict XVI inflamed the Muslim world by quoting a Byzantine emperor from 1391 as saying: "Show me just what Muhammad...

How do you treat a hostile entity?

If you are Israel, you help it build sewage treatment plants: Ahead of the winter and fearing that sewage cesspools in Gaza could once again...

Rumsfeld correct on Gulf Arab mentality

Last week a bunch of internal, informal memos written by Donald Rumsfeld were leaked out and caused a minor embarrassment to the White House....

Fatah/Hamas fighting is temporary – hate for Jews is forever

Remember a few months ago when Hamas released a "Lion King"-type cartoon that took direct aim at Fatah in general and "strongman" Mohammed Dahlan...

Evidence of Arab collusion against Arab Jews starting in 1947

Today, "Justice for Jews from Arab Countries" is announcing new evidence that Arab nations colluded to persecute the Jews in their countries before 1948: ...

Put not your trust in princes

YNet has a provocative editorial by Sever Plocker, arguing for territorial compromise from a purely economic perspective: Oil-exporting Mideastern countries earned roughly $600 billion from...

Tenure for a bigot

Nadia Abu El-Haj, who teaches anthropology at Barnard College, has received tenure from that institution. Much has already been written about her book criticizing any...


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