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Apartheid Law?

We Jews have much to be proud of, so why are we always trying to turn the other cheek and avoid being seen?

Did I Grow Up in an Apartheid State?

The hypocrisy can't be clearer

An Open Letter to the Media

Why are these facts radically minimized, if not ignored?

Riot Control Technology That Could Be Very Effective in Repelling Gazan Rioters

This seems like it could be much more effective for repelling rioters than something like tear-gas

An Experience to Die For on the Israel-Lebanon Border

Please make your own conclusions regarding how this relates to the persons seeking to breach Israel’s border from Gaza.

Fields of Fire

It takes months of hard work to grow a field of wheat

Exclusive: When Jews Party for Nakba – Undercover at DJs4BDS

Nothing beats a good party on a Saturday night in a dusky bar in Bushwick, Brooklyn, unless, of course, you are Jew with a...

Make Peace, Not War?

Reader Pam writes what Israel is experiencing right now is an act of war

An Israeli-American Lawyer Sets the Record Straight on Nakba Day

So what can be learned from Nakba Day?

Danny Yatom, Mossad, Israel’s Security, and BDS

Israellycool reader Debbie Hall recounts what she learned from Danny Yatom’s recent talk
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