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LISTEN: Rap Riposte to Wiley

Written & recorded in less than a day


Should we erase all of history, because our quickly-offended progressives, our woke society, is suddenly holding George Washington of 200 years ago, to the standards of today?


Sorry-not-sorry is the real message of the day when it comes to antisemitic acts and sentiments. And we are not buying it.

BLM is Not MLK

Under the respectable banner of “organization,” which implies some adherence to a law-abiding code, BLM has only coaxed mob values around the world


What would happen if the irresistible force hit the immovable object?

From the Horse’s Mouth

A reader response to Richard Silverstein's latest diatribe against Israel

Jews, Race, and Liberal Guilt

Right now with the band-aid on race ripped off after the brutal killing of George Floyd, liberal Jews especially are now wrongly identifying as white to join in the collective white guilt felt across the left
dua lipa

Boycott Pop Singer Dua Lipa?

A petition organized by Im Tirtzu was signed by almost 6,000 Israelis and sent to Defense Minister Benny Gantz and Culture Minister Hili Tropper, calling on them to instruct Army Radio to stop playing songs by the pop star.

David Gilmour Ain’t No Friend of Mine

Unfortunately, Gilmour is no friend to the Jewish state and has never taken issue with Waters’ anti-Israel diatribes

Bernie Does Not Reach The Promised Land

Jews For Bernie are in mourning.

Feeling Guilty? You Must Be Jewish!

Jewish guilt costs Jewish lives. No more guilt!

Don’t Just Survive Israel Apartheid Week – Commandeer It

Four ideas to help informed, compassionate and passionate students counter the bigotry of the Anti-Zionists’ week-long holiday

What Americans Really Need to Know About Alison Weir

The founder of If Americans Knew seems to have busied herself and her readers with the business of thousands of Jewish teens celebrating each other and the progress, compassion and accomplishments of their ancestral homeland.
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