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Exclusive: When Jews Party for Nakba – Undercover at DJs4BDS

Nothing beats a good party on a Saturday night in a dusky bar in Bushwick, Brooklyn, unless, of course, you are Jew with a...

Make Peace, Not War?

Reader Pam writes what Israel is experiencing right now is an act of war

An Israeli-American Lawyer Sets the Record Straight on Nakba Day

So what can be learned from Nakba Day?

Danny Yatom, Mossad, Israel’s Security, and BDS

Israellycool reader Debbie Hall recounts what she learned from Danny Yatom’s recent talk

Why Australia Should Stop Abstaining and Stand Alongside Israel at UN

If Australia is to be taken seriously on the world stage, we must act consistently with our democratic principles.

Portman PR Fiasco Gets Cheers From BDS

The problem is that even if her heart doesn’t support BDS; her decision does.

Israel at 70: 70 Pictures of Delicious Mouthwatering Food from Israel

Trigger warning: This will make you want to get on the first plane, forget your calories and come straight to Israel!

How Terrorists Are Using Twitter to Incite Violence Against Israelis

When it comes to Hamas, Twitter has refused to act

Reader Post: Wakanda and Israel – The Struggle of Two Tribal Homelands

"Not only was the movie generally entertaining, but being the Israel-phile that I am, this story of a tribal homeland had me thinking about my tribal homeland."

Guest Post: Sharing Views on Terror with Sarah Silverman

Arnold Roth, father of terror victim Malki Roth z"l, writes a heartfelt letter to comedienne Sarah Silverman

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