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Is it Just About Jerusalem? Is it Just About the Temple Mount?

Are the "territorial disputes" with palestinian Arabs just about Jerusalem? Are they just about the Temple Mount? Well, judge for yourselves.

A Letter to Paul Joseph Watson

Reader Faith pens a letter to pundit Paul Joseph Watson

Pallywood ‘Puppy Dog Eyes’ Propaganda

Pallywood strikes again

American Fat Studies Association Calls for Immediate Release of Jabba the Jihadi (Satire)

“The mufti Abu Abdul Bari was a victim of sizeism and fat oppression”

Iran Comes Up with Solution to Global Warming (Satire)

Some satire loosely based on real events

Fanning the Flames: Antisemitic Myths Putting Jews at Risk

In 2019, independent journalist and self-declared human rights defender David Sheen toured the United States to lecture on “JUDEA-AFRICA-AMERICA: Our racial relationship history & the crisis in Israel*Palestine.”

Iran Blames the US for Downing of Ukrainian Jetliner (Satire)

Three days after Iran confessed to shooting down a Ukrainian jetliner last week, President Hassan Rouhani told Iran's state-controlled news agency Tasnim that the responsibility for the shooting lies with the United States after all.

The Rise and Fall of the Jewish Progressive – A Lamentation

Cancelled, besmirched, a Zio-Boomer. The neighborhood joke

Personally Speaking: The Maccabees and Me

What Chanukah and the Maccabees mean to Dave Bender

The Elephant in the Room

A guest post on Black antisemitism in the US

A Hanukkah Song for IfNotNow

A twist on the Major-General's Song from The Pirates of Penzance

Breaking My Silence, Breaking to the Right

Former IDF soldier CptRight explains why he is so pessimistic about peace with the Palestinians in the near future and why he is so skeptical and distrustful of the international community.

A Palestinian Reworking of Genesis 49

Jacob blesses his palestinian sons and bequeaths them the land


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