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The Rise and Fall of the Jewish Progressive – A Lamentation

Cancelled, besmirched, a Zio-Boomer. The neighborhood joke

Personally Speaking: The Maccabees and Me

What Chanukah and the Maccabees mean to Dave Bender

The Elephant in the Room

A guest post on Black antisemitism in the US

A Hanukkah Song for IfNotNow

A twist on the Major-General's Song from The Pirates of Penzance

Breaking My Silence, Breaking to the Right

Former IDF soldier CptRight explains why he is so pessimistic about peace with the Palestinians in the near future and why he is so skeptical and distrustful of the international community.

A Palestinian Reworking of Genesis 49

Jacob blesses his palestinian sons and bequeaths them the land

Book Discussion With Cindy’s Corners – Loaded Blessings

Alternating between Inquisition-era Spain and modern day Israel, Loaded Blessings is the story of a family who loses almost everything as they flee into exile, but is left with a powerful heirloom that reaches across time

A Flock of Code Pinkers

Inspired by "I Ran" by A Flock of Seagulls

Song Parody: Lyin’ Bout My Sitty

Inspired by Rashida Tlaib’s lying about her sitty, to the tune of Stevie Wonder’s Living For The City

Israel Haters Kicking More Own Goals

It's the ultimate game of broken telephone.

“Camps” Comment Undermines AOC’s Border Concerns

It is often precarious to make far-reaching comparisons.

The Gospel of Sarsour

Now it's time for an Israellycool reader to get in on the act

If Not IfNotNow, What Is It? (Part Two)

Part two of the expose on IfNotNow's strong connections with Never Again Action

If Not IfNotNow, What Is It? (Part One)

Research into the leadership, membership and tactics of Never Again Action show strong indications of alliance with IfNotNow primarily, and other anti-Zionists secondarily.


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