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Orit Arfa is an author / journalist / philosopher/ painter / singer / songwriter / video-producer, whose works challenge the worldview of almost everybody. For examples, read her novels The Settler about what happens when a Gush Katif settler walks into a Tel Aviv bar, and Underskin, a steamy German-Israeli romance. Visit her website: www.oritarfa.net.

I Would Renounce My Judaism

Orit feels the need to speak out after the Orlando attack

5 Signs You’re In A Muslim Migrant Berlin Neighborhood [Photo Essay]

Orit's observations from her new country of residence

Israel’s Unsung Heroes

They're holding the free world on their shoulders


Ayelet Waldman and Michael Chabon seem to be true soulmates

Michael Chabon Shoos Away Pesky Jews

Chabon becomes another "stock" character of the "occupation"

Botched! JTA and Spain Take Gaza Girls to Superstardom

This story would be hilarious if it actually weren't so disturbing.

Gaza Girls Want To Recruit Lina Allan As Fourth Member

Genocidal pop perfection

My Windshield Wiper Got Stabbed By An Arab

What happens when a defenseless Jewish woman stops in East Jerusalem to get gas?

Is Miley Cyrustein Showing Solidarity with the Jews?

You would think so from all the hate-comments she's getting from the pro-palestinians on Instagram

Gaza Girls Teach Us to Sing “Ew Jew!”

Leave it to the Gaza Girls to give us a lesson in Palestinian hate and incitement

Mugged By History In London

Why is the British Museum rewriting history, deleting Jewish national presence from the Land of Israel?

The Evolution of a Singing “Settler” [MUSIC VIDEO]

Exactly ten years ago, Orit sang her heart out in the Neve Dekalim synagogue. Now, she'll sing my heart out, MTV-style.

I Will Not Accept Unearned Guilt For a Crime I Did Not Commit

Apparently, I am responsible for every act of terror perpetrated by Jews

6 of the World’s Sexiest Kayakers Train in Israel

Israellycool brings you the top athletes making waves on the shores of the Kinneret, and inside our hearts.


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