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A semi hard working family man, Zion Mike's primary goal is getting a good nap. Living in a world of demented anti-Israel wackiness has compelled Mike to blog here. He is consistently surprised when people take notice.

Jewish Students Confront Anti-Semitism At UC Davis

Anti-Semitism at UC Davis is reeling out of control, but a few pro-Israel students bravely stand up to the hate.

Sweden, Not So Good For The Jews?

A Journalist put on a kippa and walked around the Swedish town of Malmo, it went downhill from there.

Dersh Delivers For Mael – Defends Jewish Student At Brandeis

When a Brandeis student came under attack for exposing a hate filled anti-cop rant, he knew he needed some high powered help, he never dreamed it would be this high powered.

San Francisco Hearts Israel

It's been a rough week, take a break from the headlines for something completely different... a group hug from San Francisco of all places.

NIF’s Ben Murane Tells Us How He Really Feels (And It Ain’t Pretty)

What happens when a Jewish community welcomes an anti-Israel radical under their communal umbrella? Just ask Seattle.

Feeble In Seattle

A group of Hamas sympathizers in Seattle tried to prevent the Zim Chicago from unloading but achieved little more than giving Zion Mike a splitting headache.

New Israel Fund Rushes To Help, Sends Anti-Israel Protesters

"Pro-Israel" New Israel Fund approves emergency grant to fund anti-Israel protests. Israel slow to show appreciation.

Blood Libel, It’s What’s for Dinner

No subtle hints of Jew hatred at this Seattle rally as a shocking poster depicting a Jew eating a gentile child bobbed happily above the crowd.

It’s Not Us, It’s Them

What amount of appeasement or concession will stop the bloodletting?

Israeli Soldier Completes US Mission, “I Hope I Made A Difference”

Hen Mazzig came to the US to make a difference. He was attacked, threatened and cursed and told Israel's story to over 40,000 students.

Richard Silverstein Serves Up Some Cheap Whine

The DouchebloggerTM is mystified why local media won't return his calls. Out of the goodness of our hearts we explain to him what's going on.

Seattle Hillel: Angst in Spades

On the cusp of victory against a BDS resolution, Seattle's Hillel director asks if fighting BDS is worth the sacrifice.

Richard Silverstein Can’t Read Hebrew

The DouchebloggerTM shows off his non existent Hebrew language skills, and makes an idiot of himself... again.

BDS Lie Caught On Video

A BDS activist is caught on video telling a big fib. Don't worry, we set him straight.


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