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A semi hard working family man, Zion Mike's primary goal is getting a good nap. Living in a world of demented anti-Israel wackiness has compelled Mike to blog here. He is consistently surprised when people take notice.

Seattle Hillel: Angst in Spades

On the cusp of victory against a BDS resolution, Seattle's Hillel director asks if fighting BDS is worth the sacrifice.

Richard Silverstein Can’t Read Hebrew

The DouchebloggerTM shows off his non existent Hebrew language skills, and makes an idiot of himself... again.

BDS Lie Caught On Video

A BDS activist is caught on video telling a big fib. Don't worry, we set him straight.

Pope Played by Palestinians?

Zion Mike's take on Pope Francis' controversial stop at the safety barrier

BDS: When losing is winning.

Why did BDS have such an epic fail in the heart of Rachel Corrie Country? Zion Mike has the answer.

J Street Bans Jewish Critic, Welcomes Fatah Member to National Conference

Fatah's Salam Fayyad will be speaking at J Street conference, pro-Israel student Daniel Mael will not be allowed into the building

BDS Boycotts Bubbie’s? Caption Contest

Caption the BDSHole

Bruins For Israel Fight Back Against Antisemitic Onslaught

While most Jewish students on hostile campuses tend to try to keep their heads low, the students of UCLA have had enough

Devin Does Israel = Major BDS Fail

SJP bullies kvetch about UCLA leaders going on pro-Israel trips. Turns out SJP's own candidate went on one of those naughty Israel trips. Hilarity ensues.

Bruin Baral Beats BDS Bullies

Jewish candidate targeted by anti-Israel opponents wins UCLA election.

US Jews Pay To Be Vilified

Ali Abunimah in action, paid for by US taxpayers

Introducing Zion Mike

Hi, I'm the new kid on the block


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