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Here at Israellycool we’ve long been fierce critics of the many, many Boycotts, Divestments and Sanctions (BDS) campaigns that have sprung up in recent years to intimidate and harass honest companies and people. We often poke fun at their antics, especially when it involves talentless flash mobs.

But now we are presenting the 2012, Israellycool BUYCOTT list.

Go out and BUY the products and services of the companies you find listed here!

As you can see this carefully prepared graphic contains an up to date list of many companies that do business in and with Israel and which we would urge you to consider supporting.

It may just appear that we’ve borrowed the design and layout from some Jew hating BDS clowns in the UK and you’d be completely correct! This leaflet was produced in conjunction with the revolting “Islamic Human Rights Commission” who each year organise the terrorist supporting Al Quds march in London and supply the handy “We are all Hamas” or “We are all Hezbollah” posters.

Their campaign page (deliberately not linked) is here:

Unlike the well funded IHRC, we here at Israellycool can’t afford to professionally print these onto nice cards and mail them to you, free of charge for (as it says on their website):

If you would like copies of the card for local distribution ( in your community, solidarity group, Mosque or for your Palestine stall) please contact us.

We also have A4 poster size Boycott Israel cards to put up on Mosque notice boards, etc. Please ask for these if required.

The cards will be sent free of charge.

The first print run ran out before leaving the printers and the next print run of 100,000 has also nearly run out (18 Jan 2012), if you require cards please do let us know asap.

But we would encourage our readers to link to us, mail this page on and generally help support the companies listed here. Perhaps we should ask you to stick it up in a prominent place in your synagogue but that might be a bit forward of us. We wouldn’t want anyone to think this was a religious battle.

Also notice that many of the companies, like Starbucks, which failed commercially in Israel, don’t operate in Israel and their only real reason for being on the list is because some part may be owned by Jews. OK, the haters will dress it up and say they are “Zionists” but as we all know anti-Zionism is just the new, disguised form of Jew hatred for the modern fascist about town.

A short note on the copyright of company logos: what the InMinds and Islamic Human Rights Council have done in using all these logos (without permission of course) is actionable in law. Therefore we at Israellycool fully commit to cease and desist from our re-use of these logos if the companies request and as soon as InMinds and IHRC have taken them down too.

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The New 2012 Israellycool Buycott Poster

68 thoughts on “Buycott”

  1. I believe that the middle east situation is pretty complicated, there are so much happening right now. seeing what’s happening in Syria for example is awful! and in Israel both sides get hurt. i think that it is so complicated that boycotting israel will not be the way to influence. you should visit, and take a Jerusalem day tour for example, and see for yourself what is happening there.

  2. Ufffff I m tired of that Muslims and Jews things….Muslims you guys not follow any thing about Islam killing each other like a animal and talking about other religion….About jews you peoples live in peace and let muslims live in peace… i m tired of that buls**t , every tv channel every news papers. ufffff….No one is good in this world…seems like no one wanna live in peace..

  3. So glad I stocked up on these leaflets and have a electronic copy so if needs be I can print at home and still email out. Before you start law action on these great people. How about we sue the hell out of Israel for taken our land!!

    Oooh thanks you actually reminded me to send a new fresh batch of Boycott Zionist Nazi scum companies 😀 It will be updated soon so hope. Star bucks have said “We are proud supporters of israel” and they are large contributors to the Zionist terrorist regime So we must do as “democratic” people do… Enforce boycotts and hopefully sanctions and this will resort in total collapse of that economy.
    I am doing my bit i warn everyone in starbucks if i walk past and see any Muslims in there or not I like to drop a few leaflets by the tables before any of the sheep workers notice. Wake up people!!! These Zionist scum sterilized African immigrants in Israel. They test chemical/biological weapons on their own military. Trying to create some super soliders Allah knows what Sick evil things they do. Makes me shudder thinking about it. Not to mention kidnapping young Palestinians and removing their organs!!! Sick, sick, sick not from this world these people, Zionism is straight out of hell.
    God bless those who put this leaflet together. I must be off now to send out more emails on this.

    “To Allah we belong and to him we shall return/ Inna lillahi wa inna lillahi rajioun”

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  5. I boycott some of the companies on the list like Loreal etc. because they test on animals..But AHAVA e.g. doesnt test on animals:-) I also love my new SodaStream!!

    Am Israel Chai!

  6. vanessa gabrielle briggs

    Macdonalds themselves were boycotting Israel; why waste your energy on supporting companies that are not good for this world? Nestleis an awful company; i do not support BDS but why would i fight for the preservation of stupid corporations? the whole bds campaign lied on associating Israel with evil doers. I would rather demonstrate that isarel has nothing to do with mac donalds than go help them make business; don’t really get this.

  7. Fighting the boycott is our life. We live in Eli and promote more than 2100 businesses in Judea & Samaria. We recently launched an online shop in English called Boutique Katom;
    We were featured in he NY Times and The Blaze. Check us out. This is where you can make the biggest difference with small business.
    Please take a look at the site as well as the “Press” and “about” page.
    Keep in mind too that although the shop is a new initiative, we have been promoting locally for almost 5 years.

  8. It was exposed this week, that the CEO of Coca Cola is a Muslim who has been lying, and secretly promoting Islam – you can search it online, true

  9. I always try to convince Anti-Semite Muslims to boycott AMD, Intel and ARM, thus keeping them from the internet.

  10. Hi I wish to make all aware of a restaurant in Adelaide called Argo and the On the run convenience store chain. The owners of both business are members of some shady friends of Palestine group. They and others approached the Adelaide Crows to have the boundary signage urging support for the Palestinian cause. Adelaide Crows CEO Nigel Smart a’ proved the signage but the AFL stepped in last minute and it did not go ahead.

  11. Jennifer Simpson

    Available on the App Store for Android and iPhone: Buycott helps you to organize your everyday consumer spending so you can
    fund causes you support and avoid funding those you disagree with.

    When you use Buycott to scan a product, it will look up the product,
    determine what brand it belongs to, and figure out what company owns
    that brand (and who owns that company, ad infinitum). It will then
    cross-check the product owners against the companies and brands included
    in the campaigns you’ve joined, in order to tell you if the scanned
    product conflicts with one of your campaign commitments.

  12. boycotting is a way for anti-semite people to hurrt israel, what makes me mad is that many israeli people who think that they help bringing the “peace” to israel are the ones who push hard to convience people to boycott israel. that kind of a betrayal to their country, and thats a shame. Visit our shop at

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