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Newsweek Middle East Senior Deputy Editor Leila Hatoum A Vile Antisemite

We need to ask Newsweek if they are comfortable with having this person as a senior deputy editor for their Middle East desk

The Case for Israel

An Aussie Dave book review

“Palestinian Messi” Story A Chance To Bash Israel

Politicizing a prodigious talent

Israel-Hating Students AT SDSU Play Victim

Who are the real victims?

About That Tire Shortage in Gaza…

Remember how the palestinians criticized Israel’s decision to stop tire imports to Gaza - after they set tens of thousands on fire during Friday's "March of Return" - asserting that there is a shortage of tires there?

Only In Israel

Signs in the desert suggest you watch out for camels and tanks crossing the road

Palestinian Information Center Finally Condemns Tire Burning

In the wake of the latest misguided "ceasefire agreement" between the terrorist factions in Gaza and Israel, the Palestinian Information Center have posted this unadulterated crap

Translation Fail Of The Day

Soup nazi indeed
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