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Barack’s Trepidation

My rendering of events

A Response To The “Pinkwashing” Campaigners

If you are gay and oppose Israel, go ahead and read this

More Bibi Bomb Fallout

Some videos concerning that show and tell

Separated At Birth: Breaking Bad Edition

Walter White returns

Sprung! Haters Edit IDF Footage to Advance False Narrative

A group called Jews Against Zionism tweeted this video today, decrying the IAF they say "murdered" a palestinian civilian

Antisemite Thomas Lopez-Pierre Wants Us to Believe He is a Zionist

I can’t quite work out whether he is just trying to mess with people, or is really this stupid.

Belgium BS And Boycotts

What is the deal with Belgium?? Firstly, they have taken it upon themselves to mete out "justice" on behalf of the world, by enacting a...

Ha’aretz’s Racy New Ad

Ha'aretz seems to be getting really desperate for readers, judging by their new ad

WATCH: Roger Waters Booed At Brazil Concert

Rock-n-roll BDS-hole Roger Waters has been booed at the first of eight concerts in Brazil

IDF Spokesperson Needs To Pick Up Its Game

Yesterday, I posted about two blatant lies being disseminated by the palestinians and their supporters in their propaganda war against Israel. Only today, the IDF blog picked up on the scandal

Harry Potter Actress Bonnie Wright in Israel ‘For Love’

Remember Ginny Weasley from the Harry Potter films?


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