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Typo of the Day

That's one hell of a typo

WATCH: Al Pacino as a Nazi Hunter

Behold the trailer for an upcoming series on Amazon Prime: Hunters, in which Al Pacino will play a Nazi hunter

Roger Waters, Mark Ruffalo, and Brian Eno Among Haters Declaring Support for Antisemite Jeremy...

A few days ago, I posted about a letter from a number of celebrities declaring they could not vote for Labour due to its antisemitism problem. A number of other celebrities have now come out with their own letter - declaring support for antisemite Jeremy Corbyn

Turns out Lying Terror Supporter Alexandra Halaby is a Trans Antisemite

Remember Alexandra Halaby/Whitney who lied about her cousin, the Islamic Jihas-been Zaki Ghannam? It turns out there is a reason she always looks different in her photos.

Oh the Irony! Roger Waters Goes After Anti-Racist Org for “Cherry Picking Racism”

Antisemite Roger Waters has released a new video, criticizing a group called Artists Against Racism (AAR) for "cherry picking racism."

Norwegian Singer Aurora’s Impassioned Opposition to BDS

Yesterday I posted video of Norwegian singer Aurora speaking against BDS at her concert in Tel Aviv. She has now followed this up with an impassioned post on social media.

Bill’s Bogus Views

Actor Alex Winter is just another celebrity on the wrong side

Photo of the Day: Lollypop-Washing Edition

Most moral army in the world

Norwegian Singer Aurora: “I’m So Excited to Be [in Israel]…[BDS] Makes No Sense to...

Norwegian singer, songwriter and record producer Aurora has been one of the artists subjected to an online campaign to force her to cancel her Israel concerts.

Israel-Hater Caught Lying About Her “Innocent” Cousin Killed in Gaza

A "palestinian American" named Alexandra Halaby has been caught in a lie

Bernie Sanders Lame Response to Attempted Murder of Israelis Still Draws Hate From Many...

Bernie Sanders' response was anything but pro-Israel, yet many of his supporters hated it

‘UK Celebrities Declare They Cannot Vote Labour Due to Antisemitism Concerns

24 signatories, including 'Spiderman' Tom Holland, 'Absolutely Fabulous' Joanna Lumley, Wikiepedia's Jimmy Wales, and famed espionage writer John le Carré, have spoken out against Jeremy Corbyn

Palestinian Propaganda Fail of the Day

Today's fail is courtesy of an anti-Israel twitter account called Palestine Live


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