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Haters Try to Connect NZ Mosques’ Massacre To Israel

Palestinian Arabs and other Israel haters have tried to connect the horrendous mosque massacres in New Zealand to Israel and the Jewish people.

Germany Acts to Deport Terrorist Rasmea Odeh

Convicted terrorist and evil prune-face Rasmea Odeh has been banned from Germany, where she was scheduled to spread her vile propaganda

Italian Mayor Cancels International Jazz Festival After Artistic Director Tries to Ban Israeli Artist

Not something you see every day, but a welcome development

IDF Responds To Declaration of War With Amazing Restraint

Following last night's rocket attack on Tel Aviv (population of approx. 444,000, including tens of thousands of Arabs), the IDF has responded by striking Gazan targets.

Spot the Fraud

Can you spot the fraud in this photo?

Israeli Cities Troll Tel Aviv (And Each Other) in Wake of Rocket Attack

With rockets being fired at Tel Aviv, you would think everyone would be deadly serious. Think again.

Luciana Berger, Victim of Corbyn Labour Party Antisemitism, Gives Birth to an Instant Zionist

Luciana Berger, the former UK Labour MP (now Independent) and victim of Corbyn Labour party antisemitism, has had a newborn son.

Photo of the Day: A Syrian Flag in Israel

Yes, I do believe that's a Syrian flag raised near the Knesset!

Jew Haters Slip Up & Make Antisemitic Meme Out of “Ally”

Because keeping up the pretense proves to be hard for some Jew haters

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