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Mondoweiss Twists Heartwarming Photo of Arab and Jewish Colleagues in Prayer

Remember the heartwarming photo of Jewish and Muslim MDA medics praying together, each according to their traditions?

Israel Haters Claim Jew Attempted to Fend off Coronavirus By Playing Music from Quran

Terror tubby Abbas Hamideh and others have been posting a curious video clip on social media, ostensibly of an Arab man walking into a Jewish restaurant, after hearing from it music from the Quran being played by the Orthodox Jewish owner

Lin-Manuel Miranda Shows Off His Hebrew

Yesterday, a number of Israeli journalists were having a Twitter conversation about favorite songs. One of them - Yishai Harel - tagged famed American composer, lyricist, singer, rapper, actor, producer, and playwright Lin-Manuel Miranda. Then this happened.

Anti-Zionist-Not-Antisemite of the Day: Saskia Whitfield (UK)

A graphic designer/artworker "with many years of experience working in leading agencies and design studios," Saskia came to my attention with a genocidal comment to a post about the number of coronavirus cases in Israel

Israeli Mother Who Went Viral With Rant Against Teachers & Distance Learning was Teacher...

Remember the Israeli mother who went viral with her hilarious rant about distance learning during these times? Her name is Shiri Keningsberg Levi, and it turns out she won the prize of best teacher in Israel a year ago - well before her epic viral rant.

Palestinians Continue to Contend for the Coronavirus ‘Darwin Awards’

Scenes from the release of a palestinian terrorist from Israeli prison

WATCH: Talking Parrot in Israel Speaks About The Coronavirus

Meet the latest soon-to-be-viral sensation: Luca the parrot

WATCH: El Al’s First Direct Flight to Australia – a Mercy Mission

Not quite the circumstances I envisaged for the first ever direct flight from Israel to Australia (to my hometown of Perth, Western Australia, no less!). But historic and impressive nonetheless.

“Apartheid” Israel in the Days of Coronavirus

I'll just leave this here

Israeli Opera Singer Serenades Quarantined Father

An Israeli opera singer put a smile on her quarantined father’s face by serenading him as she stood outside his apartment in Tel Aviv on Sunday.

Linda Sarsour Fundraising for Terror-Linked Organization

Linda Sarsour is helping fundraise for an organization called Baitulmaal USA, supposedly for their "COVID-19 Emergency Fund and their support of the people of Gaza"

Latest Libel: Israel Threw Out Palestinian With Suspected Coronavirus Symptoms

Middle East Eye and other sites are claiming Israel dumped near a checkpoint a palestinian man exhibiting coronavirus symptoms.


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