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Libel: Israel’s Destruction of Gaza’s Palestine National Library and National Cultural Center

A number of Israel haters have tweeted that in the latest air strikes on Gaza, Israel destroyed "the Palestine National Library, the Azhar Library...

WATCH: Israeli Mother: “If Corona Doesn’t Kill Us, Distance Learning Will!”

All of you doing the homeschooling thing in these trying times will appreciate this - and laugh!

Who Wore It Better?

Seen at today's funeral

Wembley Staff “Blown Away” by Behavior of Jews Who Packed the Arena

What Wembley Arena staff said about the Jews who packed the arena

Antisemite Amer Zahr Officially Named as Surrogate for Bernie Sanders

Just when you thought having antisemite Linda Sarsour's endorsement was bad enough, along comes another Jew-hating turd to endorse the candidacy of Bernie Sanders

MUST WATCH: Roseanne Barr Rips BDS

I really enjoyed seeing this live today

A Letter To Richard Gere

A short letter

Actress Rosanna Arquette Spreads Antisemitic Conspiracy Theory of Jews Being Behind Coronavirus

Earlier today, Hollywood numbskull Rosanna Arquette invoked her inner Goebbels

Fail! Lara Kollab Went to Orthodox Jewish College, Used Israeli Website Platform

This Jew-hating, BDS-supporting piece of work can add hypocrite to the laundry list of things she is

Pro-Israel Celebrities

With yet more celebrities coming out against Israel, now seems like a good time to publish this post on those celebrities who do support the Jewish state.


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