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The Writings of Ahava Emunah Lange: Love & Faith

Where I publish some of my late wife's writings, may her memory be a blessing

Know Your History: There’s Something About Lifta

The village of Lifta is often described by Israel haters as a wealthy, historically palestinian village that was ethnically cleansed by Israel. But what's the truth?

Hamas Terrorist Who Found Humor in Trying to Murder Killed in “Work Accident”

Hamas terrorist Muhammad Fawzi al-Najjar has reportedly been killed in a terror tunnel accident.

The New York Times’ Voldemort Approach to Commemorating Anniversary of September 11 Attacks

The New York Times are up to their old tricks again

The Writings of Ahava Emunah Lange: Progression

Where I publish some of my late wife's writings, may her memory be a blessing

WATCH: 911 Victim’s Son Blasts Ilhan Omar

Nicholas Haros Jr, whose mother was murdered in the September 11 attacks, really gives it to Ilhan Omar

Psychological Warfare as Palestinians Claim Israeli Prime Minister Fled Rockets & Abandoned Crowd

Palestinian propaganda claims our Prime Minister reacted to rocket fire by fleeing and abandoning his audience

The Holocaust Victim Whose Murder Linda Sarsour et al. Would NOT Have Spoken Out...

It has become a thing that so-called "liberals" and "human rights activists" like Linda Sarsour claim to really care about Jews and claim to fight antisemitism. But do they really?

Antisemitic Rag Mondoweiss Makes Libelous Claim I Oppose Efforts To Fight Antisemitism

The suggestion I somehow object to Zioness opposing antisemitism is outright libelous.

The Writings of Ahava Emunah Lange: Cancer: An Equal Opportunity Provider

Where I publish some of my late wife's writings, may her memory be a blessing

US Democratic Party’s Latest Antisemitism Problem Unveiled: It is Called Valerie Plame

There a new Democratic Candidate for Congress in town, and her name is Valerie Plame
Arab woman working in Israeli business

Some Equal-Opportunity Washing from “Apartheid” Israel

While the haters cry out "Apartheid", Israel continually shows this accusation to be bogus by entrenching the rights of our minorities in law.

WATCH: Glorious Rippings of Jeremy Corbyn By Former UK Labour MP and Conservative MP

I hope you can hear what UK MP's Ian Austin and Bob Seely have to say about Jeremy Corbyn...over the sound of me munching on popcorn.


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