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Contradictions in Palestinian Accounts of Death of Razan Najjar

While the IDF is investigating how she died, I have a number of questions based on what the palestinians are disseminating.

SGU Medical Student Walid Khass: Another Future Doctor Jews Should Have Concerns About

Jew hate, Hamas love and bragging about beating up Zionists. Would you trust Walid as a doctor?

Antisemite Ariyana Love’s Interview With a Palestinian Goes Horribly Wrong For Her

Love recently interviewed a BDS-hole by the name of Younes Arar, who she invited on to bitch about Israel. Bad move.

Lorde’s Decision to Boycott Israel Seems to Have Really Hurt….Lorde

According to well-known American film critic and entertainment news journalist Roger Friedman, Lorde's upcoming US tour is a royal bust, thanks to her BDS-holing

Al Jazeera Tweets Antisemitic Meme

So this happened

When Leonard Cohen Performed For Israeli Troops During The Yom Kippur War

What's the story behind the iconic image?

Hollywood Celebrities Get Behind The IDF

Take that, BDS-holes!

A Taste of “Concentration Camp” Gaza: Blue Beach Resort

Introducing Gaza’s Blue Beach Resort

Huge Pro-Israel Fashion Statement at Cannes Red Carpet

Monika Ekiert is a Polish & French actress. She also seems to be a huge fan of Israel

Linda Sarsour’s Sick Response To Call To Come Out In Solidarity With Gay Pride...

Linda Sarsour reveals her true colors yet again

Newsweek’s Nina Burleigh Outs Herself as Antisemite

Nina Burleigh is an American writer and journalist who currently writes for Newsweek as a National Politics Correspondent. She has also just outed herself as a Jew hater.

Israeli Flag Burned At KKK Rally…By The Counterprotesters

From a report about a recent Klan rally in Dayton, Ohio and those protesting against it


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