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The Fink Calls BS On BDS

Anti-Israel professor Norman Finkelstein denounces the BDS movement

Fiddler On The Roof. In Japanese

Don't thank me, I'm a giver

US Army vs IDF

Meet the Jewish American who served in the IDF and is now serving in the US army, placing him in a position to compare the two armies

Terror In Thailand

A day following the terror attacks against Israeli missions in India and Georgia, a terrorist in Thailand has suffered the indignity of premature explodation, resulting in him waving goodbye to his legs

Surreal Israel Tour Of The Year

Do you harbor a love for boy band Backstreet Boys, as well as a desire to visit Israel? If so, you're in luck!

Shit The Shits Say Zionists Say

This DEFINITELY has nothing to do with filling the home page with pictures of pretty women OK?

NASCARing For Israel

This is so freakin' awesome!

Israel Kidnaps Israeli Arab; Forces Her To Dress Up As Ambulance Driver

Another story from the apartheid state

When Houston Met Israel

With pop diva Whitney Houston today joining the ranks of those who tragically pissed their lives away down the toilet, it seems only fitting that I post about her 2003 trip to Israel

The Case Against Pinkwashing

A gay Jew takes on the "pinkwashing" charges against Israel
Ehud Barak

Boy In The ‘hud

Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak is celebrating his birthday this week. Can you guess how old he is?

Oprah Interviewed By A Joooooo

By a Chabad rabbi, no less


A Bedouin tribe has kidnapped Egyptian border officers


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