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Scenes from a Hamas Rally

Hamashole rallies are fun for the whole family, including women and children When it comes to Hamasholes, their dedication to a rally supersedes everything else...

Separated at Birth

Dorktator and dictator

Does Mahmud Smile?

Another post in the series

Does Mahmud Smile?

Can you guess whether or not Mahmud Abbas smiles in a certain situation?

The Case for Israel

An Aussie Dave book review

Another Year, Another Murder

 "Who will live and who will die, who at his appointed time and who before his time, who by water and who by fire..." -...

Last Throw of the Rock

  Edward Said, anti-Israel (read: anti-Semitic) Columbia University professor and rock thrower, is now marinating in soil and worms. Besides being anti-Israel, Said was also...

The Man Who Would be Prime Minister

The nominee for new palestinian prime puppet minister, Ahmed Qureia, has a whole list of demands that must be met if he is to...

Separated at Birth

Is it just me, or does Terrorfat display an uncanny resemblance to Watto from the recent Star Wars movies?

Good News

As an Australian living in Israel, this headline brings a tear of joy to me eye: Israel's youth cricket team wins European Championships. What's better,...

Jokes of the Day

Hamas today stated that the pinpoint killing of their terrorist official Ismail Abu Shanab meant the end of the ceasefire. This proclamation is made all...

True Words Spoken

There are not one, but two, opinion pieces on Tuesday's suicide bombings in today's Australian, which are refreshingly accurate and honest. The following excerpts are...


The list of victims from Tuesday night's suicide bombing includes the following: - 6 children, the youngest whom was only 5 months old - A 22-year...


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