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Google Search For Weapons Of Mass Destruction

I just received a very clever email: Type this as a search, including the exclamation marks, into www.google.com: "weapons of mass destruction". Then click on "Cannot...

The Vice Guide To North Korea

A fascinating look at the big bowl of nutty that is North Korea

Great Moments In Anti-Israel Advocacy

While this hater seems to hail from the Middle East, he Sieg Heils from San Francisco

Doucheblogger Begs For Money

Because man can't live by breadwinning wife alone

The Day in Israel: Sun Mar 22nd, 2009

Click refresh to see new updates during the day Security forces prevented a large terror attack last night in Haifa after disarming a bomb inside...

Nice Guys Don’t Always Finish Last

A moment of on-field sportsmanship from Australian wicket-keeper Adam Gilchrist has led to him being signed up to play a role in the corporate...

D’uh Joschke

Ha'aretz reports the following from Israeli Foreign Minister Shalom's meeting in Brussels with the EU's council of foreign ministers: German Foreign Minister Joschke Fischer said...

State Department Fenced In By Palestinian Propaganda

Charles Krauthammer is right on the money in his discussion about the US State Department's attitude towards Israel's security fence (State Department is joining...

Dore’s Response Pure Gold

I suspect that former Israeli ambassador Dore Gold was captain of the debating team in College. This from the Jerusalem Post: Recent remarks by former...

The Gulf Between Us

Honest Reporting points to an interesting article based on two LA Times articles (here and here) that highlight the difference in attitudes between a...

Oy To The Vey

Who thought this could possibly be a good idea?

Triumph The Insult Dog Visits Occupy Wall Street

Occupy Wall Street: the gift that keeps on giving

Day Three: 2013 Israeli Presidential Conference Live Tweets

I'm back and ready to tweet


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