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Showing His True Colors: White-Named, Black-Hearted

Israel hater White shows his true colors

Dickie Silverstein’s Nasty Comment of the Day

In this feature, I post one of Richard Silverstein’s nasty comments directed towards a commenter, comments which are frequently (unintentionally) entertaining.

Shimon Peres’ Ramadan Kareem Wishes

Ramadan greetings from Israeli President Shimon Peres

Iranian Female Ninjas of Death

From the country that brought us such gems as the Wookie BrigadesTM and the Lady Gaga BrigadesTM comes the latest fighting force

Matisyahu Does Hanukkah

Oh consarnit, Matisyahu! This is so catchy, I can't stop humming it.

Those Stormin’ Zionists

A nice example of Hamas' lies

Is This The True Ben Zygier Story?

ABC Australia's Foreign Correspondent program has claimed that 'Prisoner X' Ben Zygier unwittingly sabotaged a mission to bring home the remains of IDF soldiers

Monday Night Music

An Arabic version of Let's Get It On from The Dictator soundtrack

That Awkward Moment When The ISM Shows Support For Terrorist Organizations

The International Solidarity Movement long claims to oppose "violent resistance." I call BS and here's why

Axis of Evil

Further, alarming news regarding Iran's efforts to go nuclear, with revelations that North Korea is planning to help them. North Korea is in talks to...


Yesterday, the Lebanese army uncovered four Grad rockets in an olive grove near the border with Israel. Today, they uncovered our insidious plot to fire rockets at ourselves!

Oprah Interviewed By A Joooooo

By a Chabad rabbi, no less


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