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Coming Soon

Challah's post on the cardboard Khomeini has inspired my latest movie poster

The Dignity Of Lauren Booth

Antisemite Lauren Booth once again yabbers on about her conversion to Islam

Thursday Night Comedy

Monty Python's Bruces' Philosophers Song.

The Daily Douche

Hardly a day goes by without anti-Israel blogger Richard Silverstein demonstrating his aversion to the truth

Photo Of The Day

This finger puppet came with a box of Cheerios

About That Viral Photo Of An “IDF Soldier” Standing On A “Palestinian Girl”

It is not what it is purported to be and here's the proof

PA Compares Palestinian Children To Sh*t

You be the judge.

Dick Nukem

Richard Silverstein's callous, yet predictable, response to the Last Day video I posted a few days ago

He’s Back, Baby!

Jerry Seinfeld is winning in this Super Bowl commercial

Tuesday Night Music

Bobby McFerrin & the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra
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