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Miriam’s Song: An Intimate Conversation With A Heroine Of Israel, Miriam Peretz

How does a mother go on after losing not one but two soldier sons?

Totalled, The Billion Dollar Crash Of The Startup That Took On Big Auto, Big...

Even if you had followed coverage of Better Place as closely as I did as it happened, the book contains a huge amount of new information.

The Volunteer In The Mossad: Book Review

He arrived in Israel as a non Jew, converted, joined the IDF and then progressed into The Mossad.
Welcome Home Akiva Teddy Macleod Jennifer Tzivia Macleod

Welcome Home

One man's experience of Aliyah, in a book, Welcome Home.

Cook In Israel

Orly Ziv's new and colorful Israeli cookbook inspires the novice cook free of intimidation.

To Defend The Earth

An Aussie Dave book review

The Last Refuge

An Aussie Dave book review

The Gilboa Iris

I read The Gilboa Iris by Zahava Englard a few months back and thoroughly enjoyed it.

The Poisoner’s Agenda

An Aussie Dave book review.

The Case for Israel

An Aussie Dave book review


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