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Zionist Spy Eyes Of Death™

See you, see me, see it together, naturally!

Episode VII: Stair Wars

It is a period of civic art. Rebel artists, striking from a bohemian base, have won their first victory against the evil grey municipality.

Fogel Killer Sentenced

Five life sentences and a further five years.

Real Israeli Checkpoint Life Saving Story

Checkpoints have saved countless Israeli lives: they are absolutely essential because #RelentlessJihad never stops.

Better Occupation Profiteer War Crimes

You've got to have a pretty warped view of the world to think making it a Better Place is a bad thing for anybody

BBC Turning Jerusalem Terrorist Murderer’s Family Into The Victims

More lethal journalism from the Beeb

WATCH: The Far Left NGOs And Ezra Nawi

Watch the Chanel 2 News report showing cash hand outs to Ezra Nawi.

Only In Israel – Deaf Hatikva

The soldiers (who are not deaf) asked to be taught to sign the Hatikva national anthem.

And Then Israel Just Started Bombing Again For No Reason

The Guardian - "Gaza ceasefire collapses as Israel army resumes attack – live updates"

Finding Casual Jew Hatred At Urban Dictionary

“This has come to be known as the JEW goal as it is common amongst Zionists.”

Putin Plz Answer – Assad

I’m afraid
Grumpy Abbas

Dershowitz Proves His Ignorance

.... and why peace in Israel is further away than ever

It Is With Some Regret That I Announce

The Better Place Visitor Centre is now a car salesroom only


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