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Israel is at War, It’s Time To Act Like It

Why do we view Jewish blood as being worth less than that of our Arab neighbors?

Lessons from a Holocaust Hero: The Kaliver Rebbe

This week, the Jewish people also mourn one particular survivor who passed away - Rabbi Menachem Mendel Taub, the Kaliver Rebbe.

New York Times Proves That We Have Lost The Jewish Youth

A bleak picture indeed. But there's a solution

It’s 2019, Not 1939: Never Again Starts Now

Reader Chaim's take on THAT antisemitic cartoon in the NY Times

Fighters Not Followers: How Jewish “Leadership” Castrates Campus Activism

The reality is that activism doesn’t require huge dollars, it requires huge voices.

Four Additional Questions for Passover

Reader Chaim would like to add four additional questions to the Passover Seder

Israel’s Silent Minority: The Media’s One-Sided Portrayal of Haredim

Reader Chaim says there are so many misconceptions about the Haredi community in Israel that need to be debunked

The Great Divide: How Diaspora Leadership Has Lost the Israel Plot

Reader Chaim takes some diaspora Jews to task


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