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Exposing the photographic fakery of anti-Israel propagandists

Latest Example Of Pro-Palestinian Fauxtography

Two "palestinian" boys mourn with Boston. Or are they?

Palestinian Fauxtography: The Crying Game Edition

A palestinian propaganda Twitter account called Palestine Post 24 has tweeted out this heart-wrenching photo, claiming "this is the daily life of Gaza children."

Deir Yassin: Grist for the Palestinian Fauxtography Mill

The haters continue to take photos from massacres around the world and maliciously try to pass them off as from Deir Yassin

Blood Libel: The Case Of The Torturing “Settlers”

Where I counter yet another lie

Fauxtography Of The Day

How much more contrived propaganda can we bear?

Palestinian Fauxtography of the Day: Buried Alive Edition

Another day, another lie

Fauxtography She Wrote

Palestinian planking champion?

Latest Example of Palestinian Fauxtography Tries To Take Us For A Ride

Gaza Now tries to take people for a ride with their cheap propaganda tricks

Palestinian Fauxtography of the Day

A self-described "Palestinian, Journalist" who tweets "about my life in besieged Gaza" has tweeted out this plea to help "the children of Gaza"

“Happy Easter From Occupied Palestine!”

When I saw this, I jumped into action with a reverse image search

More Interesting Details on That Paid Palestinian Propaganda Campaign With Fauxtography

Yesterday, I exposed a palestinian propaganda campaign in which an ad agency was employed and fake images of Gaza created. It turns out those behind it were Federación Palestina de Chile (the Federation of Palestinians in Chile)

“I Did Not Say the Photo Was From Gaza”

Following my post yesterday on the latest example of palestinian fauxtography, which I showed to be from Greece and not Gaza, the guy who disseminated it provided us with this excuse when sprung


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