Exposing the photographic fakery of anti-Israel propagandists

Deir Yassin: Grist for the Palestinian Fauxtography Mill

The haters continue to take photos from massacres around the world and maliciously try to pass them off as from Deir Yassin

Palestinian Toys Will Inherit the Earth

You know how there's a belief that cockroaches can survive a nuclear holocaust? For those who believe palestinian propaganda, forget the cockroaches. It's palestinian toys

Latest Example of Palestinian Fauxtography Tries To Take Us For A Ride

Gaza Now tries to take people for a ride with their cheap propaganda tricks

Palestinian Fauxtography of the Day

They sure don't stop trying

Fauxtography Of The Day

How much more contrived propaganda can we bear?

“Happy Easter From Occupied Palestine!”

When I saw this, I jumped into action with a reverse image search

Palestinian Christmas Blood Libel: The Jews Shot Santa!

Pallywood, Christmas style

Blood Libel: The Case Of The Torturing “Settlers”

Where I counter yet another lie

Gaza’s Self-Proclaimed “Modern Anne Frank” Caught In A Lie

Another shameless example of dishonesty

Pallywood Picture Perfect: The Case Of The “Quran Snatchers”

Another blood libel by the Israel-and-Jew haters. Debunked.


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