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Throw Another Beer on the Barbie

Ananova reports: A Munich designer has turned Barbie into a beer swilling, sausage eating German.   James Waldron, head designer for the fashion label Rena Lange, has...

Not Very Well Adjusted

Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat adjusts his traditional headdress during a PLO executive committee meeting at his headquarters in the West Bank town of Ramallah,...

Doing the Mike Tyson

Aussie actor Russell Crowe has taken method acting to a whole new level. Russell Crowe has reportedly bitten the ear of his bodyguard Mark "Spud"...

Reaching for the Stars

South Korea's Yoo Yong Sung (L) and Lee Dong Soo celebrate their men's doubles badminton semi-final victory over Danish opponents Jens Eriksen and H....

Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places

For those men looking for love on JDate, be warned. The woman of your dreams may not be that nice Jewish girl that she...

Turning Her (Fur-Coat Laden) Back on PETA

Supermodel Cindy Crawford likes wearing a mole above her lip so much, that she has decided that she may wear one on her back. Supermodel...

Giving Israel a Bad Rap

These artists document a modern diaspora. The Palestinians are predominantly Muslim, some Christian and occasionally Jewish Arabs who are originally from what is now...


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