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The Elephant in the Room

A guest post on Black antisemitism in the US

Reader Post: Jews and Race – The “Skin Color” Argument in Anti-Israel Discourse

Reader Binyamin explains the "Jews are white people" mantra of the Left

50 Years Ago Today, Rasmea Odeh Murdered Edward Joffe and Leon Kanner

On February 21, 1969, a Jerusalem supermarket was bombed, killing two Hebrew University students.

Guest Post (Kay Wilson): What Is It Like To Be Stabbed 13 Times?

“on the bright side, at least it wasn’t 14 times”

A Letter to Lorde From an Israeli Fan

Laura Ben-David has something she wants to say to Lorde

Special Guest Post (Roseanne Barr): In Praise Of Israeli Democracy

The one and only Roseanne Barr explains why she supports Binyamin Netanyahu
image Al-Aqsa Mosque

Guest Post: Why Many Muslims Hate Jews and Israel

A former Muslim writes from her own experience

Reader Post: 16 Key Differences Between Liberals And Leftists

“incorrectly defining liberalism is creating a lot of problems in the world” - Karen Lehrman Bloch. Do you agree?

Reader Post: Surviving Oberlin

An Oberlin student speaks out against the antisemitism on campus

Reader Post: Confessions Of A Pro-Palestinian Activist In Hebron 2007

"ISM uses only non-violent means of resistence, but if Palestinians chooses to use violence our job is to shield them."

An Open Letter to the Media

Why are these facts radically minimized, if not ignored?

Reader Post: Roger Waters’ Latest Act of Hypocrisy

Reader Jason notices Water's is not true to his so-called principles

Reader Post: Where I Stand

"I am ashamed that the leadership of the Jewish institutions I once respected have come to this"


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