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Reader Post: Straight To The South

Ari Playford is back with news of a direct citizen approach to helping the people under the most intense rocket barrage

Reader Post: How To Respond To The Terror-Supporting Trolls

A meme to swat the trolls away

Guest Post (Hillel Fuld): Making Sense of the Senseless

Guest poster Hillel on the latest terror attack

Time for Courageous Leadership

Aryeh argues what is needed is a strong centrist government not held hostage by any of the smaller, sectoral and interest-driven parties

Reader Post: What’s in a Name?

Reader Miriam brings an analogy to explain her objection to the term "Palestinian"

Portman PR Fiasco Gets Cheers From BDS

The problem is that even if her heart doesn’t support BDS; her decision does.

Reader Post: Whose One-State Vision is Really the Problem?

The problem is not about Israel having a one-state vision, it is the Arab one-state vision

Reader Post: Postcard From a Grieving City

Reader Ori, an Israeli living in Sydney, shares his thoughts on the Lindt Café siege, and its aftermath

Book Discussion With Cindy’s Corners – Loaded Blessings

Alternating between Inquisition-era Spain and modern day Israel, Loaded Blessings is the story of a family who loses almost everything as they flee into exile, but is left with a powerful heirloom that reaches across time

Reader Post: Amira Hass, Anti-Israel Leftist, Thrown Out of Birzeit University For Being JEWISH

What do you get when you combine an anti Israel leftist academic who sucks up to Islamic Jew hatred and gets thrown out of Birzeit University for being a Jew?
image flag day, photo Israel flags,

Apartheid Law?

We Jews have much to be proud of, so why are we always trying to turn the other cheek and avoid being seen?

Reader Post: Camp Solomon Schechter – Thank You

Reader Dave with a thank you letter to Camp Solomon Schechter


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