Guest Posts

Left-Wing Antisemitism and Right-Wing Antisemitism at Oberlin College

Antisemitism unites the far-left and the far-right

Four Additional Questions for Passover

Reader Chaim would like to add four additional questions to the Passover Seder

As a German…

As a German, I would never have thought I'd be writing this only 70 years after 6 million Jewish men, women and children were...

Israel’s Silent Minority: The Media’s One-Sided Portrayal of Haredim

Reader Chaim says there are so many misconceptions about the Haredi community in Israel that need to be debunked

The Great Divide: How Diaspora Leadership Has Lost the Israel Plot

Reader Chaim takes some diaspora Jews to task

The Hypocrisy of Jordan

Israellycool reader Maks notices some Jordanian double standards

Iran Reaps What It Sows

It's like they are getting a retaliation from nature for wishing destruction upon innocent people who mean them no harm

An Example of International Red Cross Hypocrisy

Their hypocrisy apparently extends beyond their dealings with Israel

Mirror Mirror On the Wall, Who is the Most Antisemitic of All?

Reader Rashi sees Louis Farrakhan as a real danger to Jews

Traveling Jerusalem on a Student Budget

Reader Frank with some tips for those traveling Jerusalem on a student budget

50 Years Ago Today, Rasmea Odeh Murdered Edward Joffe and Leon Kanner

On February 21, 1969, a Jerusalem supermarket was bombed, killing two Hebrew University students.

“Alexa, Is Israel an Apartheid State?”

James recounts a disturbing "conversion" he had with Alexa

Moving the Goalposts

Once again the AFC Asian Cup is underway and once again Israel is the elephant that isn't in the room


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