Guest Posts

Reader Post: Got Israel at Your Seder?

Let the Israel Forever Foundation bring the Israel Connection to your Seder ceremony
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Reader Post: Israeli Government to Change Name of Jerusalem to…

Reader Gidon reports on the new name options for Jerusalem

Reader Post: Political Pale Double Standard in Hi-tech ?

The hi-tech outcry in support of LGBT against Brendon Eich is paralleled by the awkward silence over de Icaza's anti-Israel campaign

Reader Post: Embrace Divestment And Win

Reader Michael argues the best defense is a good offense

Reader Post: The Unholy Mix of Leftism, Zionism, and Judaism

The College Rabbi takes issue with an article by new Al Jizz contributor Rabbi Ari Hart

Reader Post: Yada Yada Yada: Ad Lo Yada?

Reader Dr Elana with a Purim post

Reader Post: An Open Letter to the President of Brooklyn College

A College Rabbi is very concerned about Brooklyn College's decision to sponsor Ali Abunimah of the Electronic Intifada

Reader Post: Punishing Israel Is No Remedy For Western Guilt.

Repeating a fallacy does not make it kosher no matter how many times the international community tells the lie

Reader Post: Our Own Undermine Our Cause

Reader The College Rabbi says we need to examine what we in pro Israel camp can be doing to promote our just cause

Reader Post: The De-Judaization of Daniel Pearl

Gil Reich thinks The Daniel Pearl foundation has downplayed its Jewish connections for the purpose of achieving its higher aims

Reader Post: The Truth About Israel

Reader Tomer writes how he feels about Israel

Reader Post: Throwin’ Them Stones

I really know how to strike a meme when it's hot

Reader Post: A Great Miracle Happened

Reader Miriam posts how her Chanukah was made more meaningful


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