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On Linda Sarsour, Islamic Missionary, and Jewish Fundraisers: The Whole Story

When you raise 10 dollars for a cause, the 10 dollars should go to that cause, you should not keep 4 dollars for yourself,...

AirBnB… Oy Vey, AirBnB

Moral bankruptcy eventually leads to financial bankruptcy. It’s happened to literal empires, it can happen to a technology company.

Dave & Khomeinis?

Reader Eric takes Dave & Busters to task for wiping Israel off the map

Cartoon: Just A Little Land

Not much to ask

Haters & Palestinian Media Redefine Words “Youth” and “Teenager”

Reader Max notices some age inconsistencies with the terrorist killed in Hebron a few days ago

What Do Palestinian Propagandists Actually Mean by “Peace”?

Redefining words to suit their purposes

It’s Not Just News…It’s Personal

Guest poster Aryeh Green on the murder of Ari Fuld

Media Deploying DU (Depleted Urgency) Rounds Against Israel

Gazans could've had a new Taiwan, a Hong Kong, a Singapore sur-le-Méditerranée. But instead, with virulent malice aforethought, repeatedly chose Iran, ISIS, and Hezbollah as a national template.
image flag day, photo Israel flags,

Apartheid Law?

We Jews have much to be proud of, so why are we always trying to turn the other cheek and avoid being seen?

Did I Grow Up in an Apartheid State?

The hypocrisy can't be clearer

An Open Letter to the Media

Why are these facts radically minimized, if not ignored?

Riot Control Technology That Could Be Very Effective in Repelling Gazan Rioters

This seems like it could be much more effective for repelling rioters than something like tear-gas


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