Guest Posts

Guest Post (Daniel Borg): I Partied Till I Loved Israel

I can't deny that Jews are amazing, and especially the people in the only Jewish state

Special Guest Post: Mark Pellegrino Hits Back

Actor Mark Pellegrino responds to a nasty piece by Ha'aretz journalist Itamar Zohar

Hebron 1929 – My Grandfather Never Forgot

Eliyahu Yissachar zt”l, my Zeida never forgot you

Guest Post (Hillel Fuld): A Tech Guy’s Clear Perspective on the Middle East

Hillel needs to get a few things off his chest

Guest Post (Hillel Fuld): “On Both Sides”

I guess we have Trump to thank for opening the world's eyes to the dangers of moral relativism

American Fat Studies Association Calls for Immediate Release of Jabba the Jihadi (Satire)

“The mufti Abu Abdul Bari was a victim of sizeism and fat oppression”

Reader Post: Marianne Azizi – Portrait Of An Israel Hater

Reader Gayle exposes an Israel hater

Reader Post: Antisemitism in Atlanta – And the Apathy of a Local Jewish Media...

Reader Levi shines a light on an antisemite - and the apathy of the local Jewish newspaper

Reader Post: The US and the Syrian Refugee Crisis

As the US makes preparations for the first group of Syrian immigrants, reader Robb looks at what this entails

Reader Post: I’m A Zionist Israeli Arab

I'm not alone and I'm breaking my silence

Reader Post: How Far Can I Go as a Non-Jewish Pro-Israel Voice? 

I will always try to stay within my set boundaries, because seriously: what do I know?

Don’t Just Survive Israel Apartheid Week – Commandeer It

Four ideas to help informed, compassionate and passionate students counter the bigotry of the Anti-Zionists’ week-long holiday

Guest Post: Why I Became A Zionist

"I will stand with the best country in the Middle East, the ancient homeland of the Jewish people"


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