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Ummm Vitesse….. That’s Even Mori Offensive!

Dutch football team Vitesse manages to make itself look even worse

Israeli Parking Masterclass

How to prove to the world that you are the most important thing in it.

The Safe Listening List – BDS Busters

A list of musical artists who don't buy into the BDS BS

Why Are There So Many Songs About Rainbows?

Just a picture of a rainbow.

Some Thoughts On Sydney Hostage Crisis

The hostage crisis in Sydney has got us worried but also thinking

Money Talks And Bullcrap Walks In East Jerusalem

Get your Zionist and Muslim Brotherhood propaganda here!!!

Julio Iglesias Also Wishes You Shabbat Shalom

Julios would definitely want to wish you Shabbat Shalom. Especially the BDSHoles

Photo of the Day: Lionel Messi at the Kotel

Arguably the greatest footballer of all time visiting the Western Wall.

R4BIA Weirdness At The Mandela Memorial Service

More R4BIA sightings

Tel Aviv To Go Gaga Over BDSFail In 2014

BDSHoles can stick this in their Pokerfaces

Petah Tikva Vs. Gaddafi

Football action becomes sideshow to the real drama.....

Obvious Mossad Agent Posing As Iraqi Cleric

Ben Affleck probably doesn't like this guy

Bob Dylan’s Cool New Clip Showcases Israeli Talent

Bob's cool new clip's director and technology platform are both Israeli!


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