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Incredibly Stupid Social Media Activity Of The Day

Pal supporters couldn't recognize irony if it bit them on the tuches.

One Celebrity Rules Pro Israel Twitter. You Won’t Believe Who

We love pro-Israel celebs, and this one is tirelessly taking on Israel's haters on Twitter.

Separated At Birth: Erdogan The Hypocrite Edition

I've been wondering where I've seen that moustache and comb over before.....

The Guardian Is No Better Than Goebbels

The Guardian should change its name to the Völkischer Beobachter.
Lauren Booth hamas

Hilarious Lauren Booth Cameo

Egyptians know a dumb blonde kurva when they see one.

Cool New Israel Videos – Shameless Plug Edition. Vol 2

Two new awesome videos showing off some of Israel's more interesting tourist attractions

Notes From The Rolling Stones Concert In Tel Aviv

Stones give muchos satisfaction to this middle aged rock fan.

Separated At Birth – World’s Worst Facelift Edition

Greta Berlin's facelift was evidently performed by Dr. Hannibal Lecter

Has Mel Gibson Converted To Islam?

What's with the beard Mel?

The Guardians Of Hypocrisy

The Guardian hits new lows so often it could walk upright under a pregnant ant.

Jordan Performing Unnatural Selektion On Israeli Tourists

Our wonderful neighbours to the East prove that peace is a dish sometimes served cold.

BDSFail: A Picture Worth A Thousand Words Edition

Just look at the image. No other comment required.


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