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Mughrabi Bridge wooden ramp

I’m Against The Occupation – And You Should Be Too

It's time to end this illegal occupation!

Why Anti-Zionists Are Absolutely Antisemites

The next time someone tells you that not all anti-zionists are antisemites, you can simply respond: You're wrong.

When Jewish Values Mean Something

We have to stand together now and draw strength from one another, because if we do so, then there is no force on earth that can ever break us apart.

Jewish Voice For Peace Is Not About Peace Or Justice

The last thing Jewish Voice for Peace is about... is about peace.

UNESCO And The Magical World Of Make-Believe

In the wonderful world of fantasy, UNESCO is proving to be a major contributor.

What’s In A Name?

In a name lies a meaningful history and a story

The Signs Of Palestinian Desperation

If the truth doesn't support you, it's far easier to just make up lies instead.

Anti-Semites Of The World – Rejoice!

There is no point in leaders of the free world condemning antisemitism when they themselves contribute so much towards it.
Egyptian protesters

I Have No Problem With The Jews, But Israel…

Only true liberals support the state of Israel.

Four People Died While Eating Cheesecake And Sipping Coffee

But for the families and friends of four people, life will stop for a moment

An Antisemite Being Antisemitic – What A Shock!

When you appoint and praise and promote and show admiration for Jew haters, you get... well Jew haters in power.
Egyptian protesters

Please, Hate Me A Little More

Being an enemy of people who espouse hatred and intolerance and genocide is not a bad thing

PLO – Time To Go

Everything they have done is a crime, a violation of international law and an absolute slap in the face of human rights.


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