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Mughrabi Bridge wooden ramp

I’m Against The Occupation – And You Should Be Too

It's time to end this illegal occupation!

Jews Are Denied Their Most Basic Rights On The Temple Mount

The denial of the most basic rights to Jews now can only mean trouble in the future

The Lessons of Pesach

In the sandy crevices of a harsh desert, we truly became a people.

UNESCO And The Magical World Of Make-Believe

In the wonderful world of fantasy, UNESCO is proving to be a major contributor.

Abbas’ April Fool’s Joke On Incitement

When Abbas talks about incitement, he fails to see his own

New Zealand Foreign Minister Is Getting Middle East & Middle Earth Mixed Up

He seems to be writing a fantasy novel

When Iran Headed Down Under

Iran is heading down under, but it's not for a barbecue.

Why You Can’t Take The UN Seriously

The United Nations... blaming Israel... again...and again... and again
Israeli flags

The Labels That Don’t Stick

Label me whatever you like, as long as it's a proud Jew supporting Israel.

A Piece Of The Action

The PA refuse to accept money for their terrorists - unless they get a piece of the action first.

The Justice Of Jordan

Some advice should be adhered, and some should simply be discarded

The Palestinian Music Scene Really Kills!

If you want to know a people, know their songs
image land in Israel

Stop The Violation Of International Law!

It's time to stop the violation of international law!


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