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The Danger of Compromising Our Indigenous Identity

The idea that "Jews and Palestinians are both indigenous" is not a fair compromise, and is actually dangerous.

Dear Hannah

A letter to terror victim Hannah Bladon

Intersectionality Has Poisoned Young Jewish Minds in Halifax

Halifax Jewish students sign a letter in support of banning Jewish float from Halifax Pride

How to Have a Successful Aliyah: Part Four – Making Friends

Part four in Lex's series on the biggest aliyah pitfalls and how to prevent them

When Israel Shoots Itself in the Foot And Calls it Free Speech

Scholarships for students who take anti-Israel classes at Israeli universities given by foreign-funded NGOs

How to Have a Successful Aliyah: Part Nine – The Aliyah Introvert

Lex has some advice for the aliyah introverts

BREAKING: Audio Released Proving SJP’s Complicity In Ryerson Holocaust Education Week Walkout

SJP caught lying with their pants down in the wake of Ryerson walkout.

Inside the Mind of a J Streeter

My Israeli friend Avi and I debate a supporter of J Street

The Biggest Mistakes Pro Israel Advocates Make #9: How To Avoid Seeming Holier Than...

Avoiding the weakest link in hasbara: the religious argument

What Is The Big Jewish Conspiracy Anyway?

Lex knows the secret

It’s Not Rocket Science, But It Could Take a Rocket Scientist

Lex sat down with Phil Rosenthal, a candidate for New York's 10th district in the U.S. House of Representatives

Fighters Not Followers: How Jewish “Leadership” Castrates Campus Activism

The reality is that activism doesn’t require huge dollars, it requires huge voices.

So What Are We Doing Wrong, and How Can We Fix It?

After seeing these latest statistics from Pew, I couldn't stay silent. I realized that our current style of activism doesn't work, which means we have to revolutionize it.


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