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How to Have a Successful Aliyah: Part Eight – Getting The Right Job

In part eight of her series on aliyah, Lex looks at the job hunt

The Biggest Mistakes Pro-Israel Activists Make Ever: Love Thy Enemy

Loving thy enemy into not hating you might work in the West, but not in Israel

The Biggest Mistakes Pro-Israel Advocates Make # 2: How To Not Be A Wuss

Part two of Alexandra's hasbara guide series

The Problem With Hillel

We need to reform Jewish advocacy on campus. The next generation depends on it.

The Ties that Bind Us, and the Fire that Blinds Us: The Case for...

Zionists of all stripes need to stick together, because our problems are far bigger than our petty disagreements on the details.

What If Arabs Had To Serve?

What if Arabs had to serve in the army?

Haaretz Stops Even Trying to Pretend They’re Not a Joke

Who needs the Onion when you have Haaretz?

How to Have a Successful Aliyah: Part Four – Making Friends

Part four in Lex's series on the biggest aliyah pitfalls and how to prevent them

The Great Divide

The schism between both sides might be simpler than we think....

Open Hillel Exposes Brown Students – And Hillel – For Playing Both Sides

Hillel is caught telling donors one thing, but Open Hillel reports differently

Fighters Not Followers: How Jewish “Leadership” Castrates Campus Activism

The reality is that activism doesn’t require huge dollars, it requires huge voices.

5 Common Myths About “The Settlements”

What you didn't know about lies beyond the Green Line

The Inconvenient Truth About Israel’s “Occupation” of the Palestinians

Lex with some home truths about the so-called "occupation"


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