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Libels against Israel and the Jewish people thoroughly debunked

Today’s Blood Libel: The Case of the ‘Detained’ Palestinian Child

A number of Israel hate sites are disseminating a video that does not seem to show what they are claiming it shows

Latest Blood Libel: The Death of 4-Year-Old Ahmed Abu Abed

A number of Israel haters, like Jenny Tonge, are claiming Israeli snipers murdered 4-year-old Ahmed Abu Abed, shooting him in the eye.

New Water Libel: Cry Me A Pool Edition

There's been a new water libel in town, and unlike the old one, there's no fictitious rabbis involved.

Blood Libel: The Case Of The Torturing “Settlers”

Where I counter yet another lie

Latest Libel: The “Assault” of the Palestinian With Down Syndrome

The palestinians and their supporters are claiming Israeli soldiers assaulted a palestinian with Down Syndrome. Yet as usual, they cannot stick to one story

Palestinian News Agency Recycles Blood Libel

Quds News Network has posted about another supposed crime of the Zionists earlier today

Latest Libel: The 4-Year-Old Boy Shot By The IDF

A number of Israel haters have posted on social media photos of a child supposedly shot by the IDF - even using it to justify terrorism

Latest Blood Libel: The Hunger Games Edition

Yet another blood libel against the Jewish state

Latest Palestinian Libel: The Killing of The Elderly Dual-Identity Farmer

So many inconsistencies, so little time

Latest Blood Libel: Truth Buried Alive Again

Caught in another lie
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