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Donald and Reinhold and Jerusalem

Sometimes looking at sum total of the news is even more interesting and telling than the single components

Horsing Around In “Concentration Camp” Gaza

What an anti Israel site posted in all seriousness right after posting about the "terrible" conditions in Gaza

Iranian Target Practice

According to some photos first published on Iranian news sites, Iranian Revolutionary Guards soldiers have employed a special motivational way to practice their shooting.

Only In Israel: An Authentic Israeli Celebration

Some patriotism was lacking in the food department.

Iran Announces Festival Counting Down Towards Israel’s Destruction

From the regime that brought us International Holocaust Cartoon Contest comes the latest international festival of hate: International Hourglass Festival, formed with the purpose of "collecting...

Stanford Israel Association Throws Pro-Israel Arabs Under the Bus

Highly disappointing and infuriating.

Jon Bon Jovi, Mensch

We already loved Jon Bon Jovi, just for showing Israel and Israelis his love. But if that wasn't enough, Netta Sadan's story should do the trick

Reuters’ Flying Pig Moment

Yes, I could not believe my eyes either

UK Co-Op Blocks Me For Exposing BDS Support & Antisemitism In Their Midst

Following my latest post in which I pointed out the antisemitic article penned by Robert Cohen, their head of executive external communications, the Co-operative Group in the UK has gone ahead and blocked me on Twitter.

WATCH: Gal Gadot Speaks To The UN

Israeli actress Gal Gadot got to speak at the UN

Geeks Are Sexy Removes Antisemitic Comic Strip Following My Post

Perhaps geeks are sexy after all.


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