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WATCH: BDS-Hole Makes Idiot of Herself Trying to Answer Simple Question on “Palestine”

A BDS-hole is asked the straight-forward question: "When was Palestine declared a nation and how?" Hilarity ensues.

Libel: Israeli Pharmaceutical Firms Test Meds on Palestinian Prisoners

It turns out there is also an actual allegation that we issue permits to large pharmaceutical firms to carry out tests on palestinian and Arab prisoners.

Buzz Aldrin Wishes Space IL Good Luck Ahead of Moon Launch

Excitement is in the atmosphere as Israel is set to launch our first spacecraft for the moon Friday morning Israel time (see what I did there?).

WATCH: George Galloway, Do Tell Us About Antisemitism!

George Galloway, who threatens to sue anyone who calls him a Jew hater, invoked Goebbels to describe the reporting of very real Jew hatred in the Labour Party.

WATCH: Israel’s Best Prime Minister Telling It Like It Is

In my opinion, Menachem Begin was Israel's best ever Prime Minister. A fiercely proud Jew, he would not cower, yet agreed to peace with Egypt. And he told it like it is.

Latest Libel: Israeli Experimentation on Palestinian Arab Prisoners

The Palestinian Revolutionary United Front Facebook page, headed by "Angel in a Hummer" Rena Salomon, regularly peddles in libels of the Jewish state. Here's their latest one.

Jew Hater David Icke Banned From Entering Australia

Jew hater David Icke has been banned from entering Australia, with the Home Affairs Department cancelling his visa.

WATCH: Palestinian Mummy Dearest

Meet the palestinian Arab mother who is proud of her butcher son. And by butcher, I mean vile terrorist, attempted murderer.

A Fish Called Nasrallah

Old and busted: A Fish Called Wanda New hotness: A Fish Called Nasrallah

The Washington Post Provides Platform For More Linda Sarsour Lies and Victimhood

The Washington Post has run an interview with Linda Sarsour, and by interview I really mean propaganda piece to turn this hateful person into a victim.
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