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Palestinians Confirm What We Already Know: Israel Trying to Avoid Civilian Casualties

The surgical nature of our strikes have actually been confirmed by the palestinians themselves

Israeli Air Force Wins the Tetris Challenge

The Israeli Air Force recently undertook the challenge and effectively won it.

Israel Condemned for Gazan Missile that Hit Palestinian Independent Commission for Human Rights Office

Not the first time the haters have blamed Israel for damage and injury caused by an errant palestinian-fired rocket, and they certainly will continue to do so

Code Pinker Ariel Gold Tweets Out Jewish Mourner’s Prayer For Dead Terrorist

Code Pinker Ariel Gold today tweeted out Kaddish, the Jewish mourner's prayer, for all the Gazans killed today, including arch terrorist Bahaa Abu al-Atta

WATCH: Israeli Man Mistakes Red Alert Siren for Remembrance Day Siren

You would never see such a scene anywhere else in the world.

From Islamic Jihad Arch Terrorist to Islamic Jihas-Been

The IDF has turned senior Islamic Jihad arch terrorist Bahaa Abu Al-Ata into worm food, in a pinpoint strike.

Latest Palestinian Propaganda Fail: Women’s-Only Restaurant in Gaza Edition

Quds News Network and other propaganda sites have posted photos of the first women-only restaurant in Gaza. And as we have seen on so many other occasions, the photos show a different Gaza to the one they usually try to portray, as well as the Gaza portrayed by the media. 

WATCH: BDS-Holes Get Taste of their Own Medicine

Two European BDS-holess apparently thought they would film and harass IDF soldiers standing guard in Hebron. What they did not anticipate was Im Tirtzu CEO Matan Peleg giving them a taste of their own medicine

WATCH: Dabke Dancing With a Nazi Twist

This apparently happened in Paris a few days ago

Ilhan Omar Knows Exactly What She is Doing When She Engages in Antisemitic “Dog...

She's at it again, and I believe she knows what she is doing

Priceless! Hebrew Makes Its Way Into Turkish School Textbooks

Turkish website Yenicag reports on a Turkish screw-up for the ages

The Bizarre Case of the Zionist Hipster

In a 2016 article entitled The American Dream is Killing Us, the following photo is used to depict a young hipster or millennial in bad financial shape


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