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Libel: Israel’s Destruction of Gaza’s Palestine National Library and National Cultural Center

A number of Israel haters have tweeted that in the latest air strikes on Gaza, Israel destroyed "the Palestine National Library, the Azhar Library...

An Open Letter To The Mayor Of London Sadiq Khan About Al Quds Hate...

Al Quds March is a slap in the face of the families of those whose blood has only just been mopped up from London’s streets.

About That Video of the Palestinian Teen Shot In Back: Another Pallywood Production

The world media has swallowed this video as fact, an example of IDF cruelty. But was it?

#BDSFail: Jewish Student Unanimously Beats Ethics Probe After Standing Up To Anti-Israel Protesters

Pro-Israel University of Michigan student cleared of all charges at first ever ethics probe.

Fail! Lara Kollab Went to Orthodox Jewish College, Used Israeli Website Platform

This Jew-hating, BDS-supporting piece of work can add hypocrite to the laundry list of things she is

Just Another Day In Israel: 16-Year-Old Invents New Math Theory

While our neighbors' kids are learning how to murder and maim, ours are contributing to the world


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