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American Jews: Come Close, We Need to Talk

The toughest thing about being an American Jew right now is other American Jews.

WATCH: A Nightmare Interview for Intersectional ‘Wokesters’

African-American Jew Mordechai Ben Avraham interviews fellow African-American Jew Nissim Black.

The Casual Antisemitism of an Aussie “Progressive, Fighter for Justice”

So often, those who claim to "fight for justice" do not believe in justice and human rights for Jewish people.

My Response to Bernie’s “Proud Jew” Video

Bernie is Jewish when it is convenient for him. He's Jew-ish.

Palestinian Propaganda “Own Goal” of the Day

Return of the coins

“I Martyred Myself and All I Got Was This Lousy Graphic”

Imagine being so pathetic, that you will only ever be remembered as "the man behind the injury of an Israeli soldier near Ramallah a few days ago"

WATCH: A Non-Jew Attends a Hanukkah Party

In the third video of his series to 'break down the walls', Professor Roy Germano and his beautiful family are invited to a Chabad/Lubavitch family for a Hanukkah party.

Staggering Poll Results Show Extent of Antisemitism Within UK Labour Party

In case you think the antisemitism of the UK Labour Party is just a problem with a lunatic fringe within the party, think again

Infamous Antisemites Among List of Signatories on Boycott Letter

These are the signatories who stood out to me, but I am sure if I investigated more of the names, I would uncover more antisemitism. And of course support for terrorism.

Hizbullah’s Palpatine Fiction

On Saturday, Hizbullah unveiled a giant statue of Iran’s top commander and arch terrorist Qassem Soleimani, who the US turned into worm food last month, in southern Lebanon, near the border with Israel.

Palestinian Propaganda “Own Goal” Of the Day

Courtesy of anti-Israel propaganda site Quds News Network


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