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Israel Haters & Antisemites Insinuate US or Israel Murdered Chinese Ambassador to Israel

Yesterday, Chinese ambassador to Israel, Du Wei, was found dead at his home in Herzliya, apparently from natural causes

WATCH: Roger Waters’ Threat in Song

On a recent BDS movement online commemoration of "Nakba Day", rock'n'roll BDS-hole Roger Waters performed a new "Palestine" version of his song "We shall overcome."

Fatah Posts Fauxtography To Commemorate ‘Nakba Day’

On Facebook, Mahmoud Abbas' Fatah party posted this

WATCH: Antisemitic Moroccan YouTuber Lives Up To His Name

Meet Moroccan YouTuber Anas Arex

Israeli ‘Shirley Temper’ Supporter Emulates Her Heroine

A left-wing supporter of diabolical teen propagandist and terror supporter 'Shirley Temper' Ahed Tamimi - who was arrested and imprisoned for assaulting IDF soldiers - has been sentenced to prison for...assaulting an IDF officer

Kathy Ireland Stands Up For Israel

Former American model and actress turned author and entrepreneur Kathy Ireland is also a staunch supporter of Israel. And she has reminded us of this again, defending Israel publicly this week against the usual hate-filled fare

WATCH: The Avi and Aussie Show Episode 1

My good friend Avi Abelow and I have started a weekly show, where we discuss whatever is on our minds regarding Israel and the Jewish people.

Latest Libel: The Execution of a Palestinian Youth As He Was Heading to the...

The Palestinian Information Center decries the killing of Mustafa Younes, who they claim was "slaughted in broad daylight" in front of his mother, as he was heading to the hospital

Fake John Wood Community College Account Tweeting Out Vile Antisemitism and Support for Murder

A Twitter account inexplicably being operated under their name, retweeting vile stuff of the antisemitic and terror-supporting kind

Draining the Swamps

A must-read academic paper that sheds a lot of light on Jewish eradication of malaria in then Palestine

More Disturbing Keffiyeh Symbolism From Rashida Tlaib

Apparently, yesterday was World Keffiyeh Day, "to show solidarity with the Palestinian cause and struggle." One of those to post in honor of it was (predictably) congresswoman Rashida Tlaib

Jerry Stiller, Mensch

Yesterday I wrote of the passing of Jewish actor and comedian Jerry Stiller. Since then, I have become aware of more and more stories about him, which show the type of person he was.

Palestinian Serial Fauxtographer Never Rests

Naturally, not everything is as she claims


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