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What Apple’s Israel Army Of Engineers Have Reportedly Been Working On

Some more very cool stuff coming out of Israel

16 Years On: Hamas Celebrates Sbarro Restaurant Massacre

In case anyone wonders why there is no peace

A Tale of Two Heroes

These heroes are the difference between these two peoples

WATCH: Melbourne Al Quds Rally Participant: “Hamas Should Be Here”

Nothing surprising here - all these Al Quds marches reveal the end goal.

WATCH: Nikki Haley, AIPAC Rockstar

You know the drill. Listen, rinse and repeat.

FIFA’s FU To Palestinian Football Association

FIFA is not amused

WATCH: Norman Finkelstein Wishes Death on American Jewry, Makes Antisemitic Comment & Mock Hitler...

More detestable comments of Rat Fink's from a 2009 Danish documentary called "Defamation"

South African Government Shows the Dumbassery We Have Come to Know and Loathe

Remember how the South African government, facing a huge water crisis, snubbed Israeli offers of help, despite fact we have substantial expertise in desalination technology? I am not surprised they did.

The Elephant in the Room

A guest post on Black antisemitism in the US

An Open Letter To New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio

The act of setting a bomb is terrorism

Man Who Complained He’s Called “Muslim Pig” Calls Jews “Pigs”

A vile hater and deceitful hypocrite.

Terror Supporter Reem Assil Does Not Make Finals of Prestigious Culinary Award

Terror supporter Reem Assil has not made the finals of the James Beard Award for Best Chef

WATCH: That Time Arafat Smuggled Terrorists Into Gaza Right After Signing Oslo Accords

During an interview last month in Tel Aviv at a conference organized by the Zionist organizations Im Tirtzu and Canadians for Israel's Legal Rights, MK Avi Dichter, former Director of the Shin Bet, relayed the following story


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