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Alan Cumming And Lea DeLaria Proud In Israel

The actors are in Israel for Tel Aviv Pride

The Background Clue To The PLO’s Hatred Of Jews

An iconic photo provides a clue

The Flag We Can’t Put Away

Israel is free, democratic, and so very proud

Why I Feel Kinship With Jews

Another must read from Ryan

Israel Intercepts Rocket And Tunnel Supplies Headed For Gaza

And this is why there is a blockade
Love Jerusalem from video in Light Festivalvideo

WATCH: Amazing Light Festival In Jerusalem

Some amazing sights to behold

Fowl Play: Israel Haters Cover Up Deceased’s Bad Bee-Havior

More patent lying and dishonesty by the Israel haters

Der New York Times Strikes Again

The Times is complicit in the rising in antisemitism in this country

Deceptive Israeli Media Driving Diaspora Jews And Israelis Apart

The #RelentlessJihad continues and The Times of Israel is trying to downplay it.

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