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What In The UK Constitutes Inciting Racial Hatred?

Is there a double standard at play here?

Palestinian Role Models: Teachers Or Terrorists

While the international community may celebrate teachers, Palestinian society celebrates a different profession

#BDSFail Eagles Of Death Metal Returning To Israel

Special message to Roger Waters hidden inside.

Drop In Palestinian Support For Stabbing Attacks..To “Only” 58%

A drop..but a majority still support them

“Moderate” Iranian Government Arrests Baha’i Students

Their crime is seeking an education

The Democrats’ Ghost Of Christmas Future

A Must-Read from a most unlikely source

Real Israeli Checkpoint Life Saving Story

Checkpoints have saved countless Israeli lives: they are absolutely essential because #RelentlessJihad never stops.

Will The Democrats Go The Way Of Labour?

Former leader of Oxford University Labour Club describes how the club turned a blind eye to anti-Semitism in its ranks

Hanan Al Hroub, Winner Of Global Teacher Prize, Married A Terrorist

Did the adjudicators of this prize do their due diligence?

BDS Fail! Santana Never Boycotted Israel, Set To Perform Here

Another setback for BDS holes
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