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MUST WATCH: Why Israel Is NOT An Occupier

Cutting through the lies we have been fed

Wine Spectator Magazine Serves Up Taste Of Israel And Jewish History

Way to go, Wine Spectator!

Facebook Turned On Safety Check For Tel Aviv Building Collapse

Facebook deployed its Israeli developed Safety Check feature in Tel Aviv for the first time.

UK Added To List Of Countries Erecting Walls

Grab that spray-paint, Roger. You have work to do!

Jeremy Corbyn Offers Up Some Red, Red Whine

The Jeremy Corbyn sideshow continues

BREAKING NEWS: Soviet Documents Reveal Mahmoud Abbas Was a KGB Agent

Explosive revelations tonight on Israeli news

Israel Haters Claim Italian Goalkeeper Gianlugi Buffon Is One Of Them (He’s Not)

The Israel haters are yet again full of beans

Dutch MP Tunahan Kuzu Refuses To Shake Hands With Binyamin Netanyahu

Awkward does not begin to describe it

Youssef Kobo, Belgian Minister’s Adviser On Tolerance, Not Very Tolerant

Apparently not particularly smart either

Eagles of Death Metal F****** Love Israel!

They really heart us!

Ken Livingstone Caught Lying And Manipulating

I believe Livingstone is a master manipulator and liar. I show you how from his latest sound bytes
Elhamy Agina

World’s Worst Excuse For Female Genital Mutiliation

You can't make this stuff..ehh..up.


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