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Vassar, We Have A Problem

Blatant terror support at Vassar College

Yachad’s Hannah Weisfeld Gives Comfort And Solace

By showing up to these events, as-a-Jew representatives like Hannah Weisfeld reinforce the lies of those who hate and would destroy Jewish Israel.

Three Myths About Israel, Exposed

The truth about the BDS movement will surprise you!

Not-So-Super Mario Is A Bigot

Mario, Mario, where art thou Mario?

Shehab News And The Case Of The Suffocating Jews

Hamas' Shehab News posting a strange lie

Roger Waters’ Support Of Palestinian Violence As A ‘Moral Duty’

Roger Waters: putting the rock into rock'n'roll

Ha’aretz Sowing Corruption In The Land: The Guardian Spreading It

Did Netanyahu really describe all Arabs as wild beasts as you read in the Guardian?

Obama: Government Leaders Should Never Meet With Opposition Parties

(Except for members of *my* government)

Chris Gunness’ Bizarre, Obvious Lie

It seems Chris cannot keep track of his porky pies

The Guardian’s Unhealthy Obsession With Hating On Israel

Today's example of media bias

The BBC Destroys Arab Indigenous Claims To Israel

One devastating BBC paragraph completely destroys Arab and Palestinian claims to be indigenous in Israel.

For Which “Behavioral and Moral Excesses” Did Hamas Execute One Of Their Own?

My theories as to the possible things the Hamashole may have done to seal his fate

“Am Israel Chai” Violates Facebook Community Standards

More Facebook shame.


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